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Wrap It

There's just something about wrap style items that make me keep coming back for more... I feel like they're universally flattering, practical, feminine and easy.

I feel like on most body shapes, cinching at the waist and flaring out is pretty flattering. It nips you at your smallest point or creates a defined waist and then is floaty and feminine. Since I'm still wearing my beloved (albeit no longer cool) skinny jeans, I feel like a wrap top creates an hourglass shape. I'm pear shaped so it helps to add a bit of volume to my upper body with bell sleeves and then skims around the hips. In the same vein, wrap skirts and dresses create the same flattering shape.

I also find them so practical. A little bloated? No problem, just adjust the wrap. Want to show more or less chest - that's do-able! I really love that the wrap works to fit my current body despite any changes over time.

I always opt for a real wrap for that reason of versatility in sizing. A faux-wrap creates the same look and effect, but I often find that because I'm petite I struggle to find more "mature" (that's not the word... "adult"?) styles that fit my frame since I'm built more like a tween. Even so, I find that some wraps are geared to more busty gals but I've begun altering the bust of some of my items that just give a little too much room there. I'm going to try to get pictures of one of my latest thrift finds that I made that alteration to, because it looks like an intentional part of the wrap design - but really is just meant to tighten up the chest area. I'm no seamstress, but I think making small adjustments to clothing are worth it to make me feel my best when wearing it.

In other news, these shoes that I'm wearing are a true closet staple. I think this is my third year wearing them and they're my go-tos in the spring and summer. I was recently conditioning the leather and they hardly show any wear (even on the bottoms) I never knew espadrilles could be so robust! They're a pair I got on sale in-store for 50% off and they were worth it. I'm thinking of potentially adding in another espadrille that is a lighter colour to round out my summer shoes.

Top: Loft - thrifted

Jeans: Agolde - thrifted

Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff - thrifted

Scrunchie: Chelsea King - Canadian brand!

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren Prescription Lenses

Shoes: Michael Kors - Browns

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