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Work from Home Outfits

Let's be real... working from home means comfy pants, no?!

I was taking outfit pictures this past week and I realized how much my style has changed to be more casual because of the way I work. I've definitely leaned into athleisure and usually only wear denim 1-2 times a week when I really want to feel " put together".

Here are 3 of my weekday looks:

Day1 is ultra casual: an athletic top and high waisted leggings.I find that if I start my day by wearing workout clothes I'm MUCH more likely to actually work out. I know often people have new year's resolutions to "workout more" or "be healthy", but I'm not big on making goals or resolutions when the year starts. I made a goal in December to move more throughout my week (movement meaning a walk, a workout, anything really). I fell off the trend for a little bit during the holidays but I'm determined to get back into it because I feel much better when I do!

Day 2 is *surprise, surprise* leggings again! Honestly... I don't really wear sweatpants so leggings are my favourite "comfy pant" alternative. I paired it with a cute cream coloured hoodie! One nice thing about my job is that A) I'm working from home and B) I'm not on Zoom or in meetings everyday... so throughout my week I have days where I need to wear a nice blouse and other days I can just be casual and no one sees me. It's quite the perk!

And here comes day 3! Can you see the progression of my hairstyle lasting me until washday?! LOL. Here I'm wearing my secondhand Agolde Riley jeans (love them!) and a thrifted dolman-sleeve top that is in a structured, thick, cotton material. I also paired this look with a necklace and bracelet - a little step up from days 1 and 2. The necklace is from a really cute Canadian brand - I'm going to be reviewing it on the blog next week so stay tuned (I've been wearing the items for about a month now, so I feel comfortable writing a review now that they are tried and tested).

Has your wardrobe evolved lately? If you are working from home - do you like it, or no?! I think there are pros and cons to any situation, but I'm trying to focus on the positive.

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