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Work from Home OOTD

This post is coming at you real time (meaning I just wrote it yesterday afternoon, after work). I thought I would show a realistic work-from-home (WFH) look. Right now I have an office-based job that is more business casual. Since all the meetings are happening online - I can dress even more casually as long as the top half of my outfit looks presentable. So while crop tops may not be the most professional items, I can still wear them on the daily!

This look is very comfortable, but I think it's cute too! I'm re-wearing some ethically made pieces, like these Clyde pants (review here) and this duster cardigan coat (review here). It was a wonderful coincidence that the two colours of these pieces are in the same colour range (a happy accident!) and I love pairing them together for a monochromatic effect.

I also added a bit of an athleisure vibe with this sports bra (or high neck crop top) from Athleta. I heard Athleta is a Lululemon dupe - but when I was looking at their website, I found that their prices weren't much cheaper (or at all cheaper) than Lulu pieces. I got this sports bra and a pair of leggings and will report back with a more comprehensive review when I've worn and washed the pieces for a month or two. But so far - the quality seems really good and the materials are on-par with Lulu items. I'll also mention that Athleta is a bcorp (which is a good sign - but their parent company is GAP... which is not so good of a sign). In any case, that's something to delve deeper into later.

The tank is actually a racerback and has a built-in bra with optional padding. The logo is also pretty discrete just like Lululemon and the fabric feels the same as Lulu's align material. I really love the pale pink and I think the fit overall is great (although I always prefer when things are full-length but apparently the rest of the world is still obsessed with cropped styles!).

How do you dress for your WFH lifestyle?! I still try to get dressed everyday, even when I don't necessarily have any meetings - I just feel more productive. I do think I've tapped into more of an athleisure style though: merging comfortable and stretchy leggings and sports tops with more "elevated pieces". I also have just moved away from more fussy items of clothing (like jumpsuits or items that have to sit "just right"). It's so interesting to see how our wardrobes adapt and change as our lifestyles and circumstances do to!

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