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Why wearing the same thing isn’t a bad thing

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Sure, I really like style and fashion but I honestly wear a lot of the same things from day to day. I’ve talked about uniform dressing here and here. But sometimes I don’t wear kinda the same outfit. I wear the exact same thing over and over. And it’s fine! Here are some of the reasons why wearing the same thing isn’t bad at all:

Sometimes an outfit just works

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right? When I’m really loving an outfit, I wear it over and over until A) it gets old, B) it needs to be washed. Sometimes I’ll wear a “repeat” outfit for years until I get tired of it. If you love the look and it’s a great outfit, why not wear it again and again? Regardless of whether or not you wore it a week ago, or even yesterday.

People don’t notice - really

We’re all in our own heads. No one really notices if you’re outift-repeating. The only time I remember someone’s outfit is if I loved it on them and A) want to compliment them, B) recreate the look or C) find out where they got the pieces. The rest of the time, there are a hundred other things racing through everyone’s mind. Scrutinizing your jeans and a t-shirt look isn’t on their radar!

It’s a no-brainer

You’ve already done the work and the whole outfit recipe is there - so now you don’t have to think about it again! This just means an extra couple of minutes to sleep in before getting dressed and less decision fatigue. Why not go for the look that’s already set and ready to go?!

You’re getting your cost-per-wear

Cost-per-wear or CPW is a great way of getting the value out of your purchases. If you spurge on a $50 t-shirt but wear it 100 times - you’ve got your CPW down to 50 cents. That means that your purchase was worth it and you spent your money wisely. Re-wearing the same looks means you increase the CPW in those items and are using your clothes to the fullest! Yay you!

Are you an outfit-repeater or a uniform-dresser? Or maybe a bit of both? What are some of the benefits you find by repeating outfits?

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