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What self isolation has taught me about minimalism

I think this self isolation experience has humbled me. Although I’ve been striving for less and have attempted to live simply in many aspects of my life, self isolation has thrown me into a much more minimalist life than I would’ve ever achieved on my own. Or maybe, it’s just thrown me deeper into that lifestyle and mindset faster than I would’ve gone on my own terms.

I've realized that I really don’t need all that much to stay entertained, to work and to be productive.

Here are some key items that I've been getting a lot of value out of recently:

So I’ve been realizing that a lot of items I own, don’t hold the same value as what I’ve been using regularly during self-isolation. Most of those items consist of “public facing” items like makeup and clothing. While I’m still getting dressed in outfits and doing my makeup on most days, I don’t need the variety of items that I have. I only need a small few, really.

That’s been really eye opening. I think subconsciously I felt I needed to wear a vastly different outfit every day of the week or change up my makeup… but in reality I don’t. I’m happy with wearing the same makeup look and alternating between 7 shirts and a few dresses. Self-isolation has really put this into perspective. What I really need and use when I'm keeping to myself.

Has self isolation changed your mindset on anything?! I'm trying to keep my mind focussed on the positive outcomes to avoid getting into a negative headspace. How are you doing?!

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