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What’s in my Purse - Summer Edition

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I try to keep a pretty minimal purse. Partially because I switch between a couple of handbags so the contents are always moving, but also because I hate losing things in my bag. That being said, I do carry more than just my wallet. Here’s what I generally have in my summer purse:


House keys, car keys, etc… for obvious reasons. My keys are on a keyring with a ridiculous amount of shenanigans hanging off of it (not minimal, but it does make it easy to find in a big bag).

Lip balm

This is one of those things that I always need in my bag. In the summer, I opt for a liquid balm in one of those squeeze tubes. I’m not faithful to a particular brand - I just pick up whichever one sounds good at the time.


This isn’t always in my purse but if I have the room, I definitely keep a little tub of gum. The bubblemint flavour by excel is my favourite and is pretty much the only one I buy.


This pouch contains a lot of miscellaneous items. Coupons, reward cards, gift cards, business cards and receipts from things I might be returning, etc. I use this so that all my paper stuff is organized and doesn't clog up my wallet since I don’t need these things at every stop I make. I like to keep it though, since I never know when I’ll be needing that coupon as I’m making a purchase.

Hand cream

I also have some sort of moisturizer with me since I have such dry skin. Right now I’m carrying around a little bobby brown one that I got in a value pack but I don’t really care what brand or scent of hand cream that I carry - just whatever I have.


A year ago, I finally invested in getting prescription sunglasses and it was the best decision ever. I love being able to see even when it’s sunny. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that squinting all the time probably wasn’t the best for my eyes.


Either a clip or a bobby pin. Especially since getting bangs, sometimes when I’m driving I just can’t stand the sweaty forehead feeling - so i’ve always got a clip or two in my bag


This is always useful, no? I probably don't use it enough to warrant toting it around all the time but it’s not like it’s heavy of bulky so it just stays.

Reusable coffee cup

I got this Stojo coffee cup from Indigo during a sale and I’m so glad I did! It collapses into a pretty small size and you can expand it when you need it. I even use it to carry around water with me, that way when I’m done my drink, I don’t have to carry around a huge water bottle. Having this compact option also makes sure that wherever I go, I don’t need to get single-use cups!


I have a lovely Kate Spade wallet that I got as a gift from my SO. It’s a beautiful baby blue and I love that there’s lots of card room since I have quite a few cards that I like to keep with me at all times. It also fits cash and coins in a little side zipper. They no longer carry this particular version of wallet but there are still some similar ones on the website (they look slightly smaller though!).

What do you keep in your purse? Are you faithful to carrying just one handbag or do you constantly witch it up like me?!



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