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What is VS. What isn’t Personal Style

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I’m writing this post because I think it would’ve really helped my younger self understand what personal style is. As a pre-teen and teen, I loved fashion and the latest trends but I really didn’t understand what my style was and how it related (or didn’t) to the fashion trends that social media represented at the time. I thought I would break it down into 3 easy ways to understand personal style in a way that works for anyone (no matter what style you feel you have!).

Personal style isn’t about what you can afford

Trust me. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the double G belt or the latest Bing Graphic T. Brands, and costly brands, don’t define personal style. Sure, brands tend to cater to a certain audience who enjoy an aesthetic or clothing style - but they don’t define you or your own style. Brands cater to a general public. You are an individual! Your style isn’t defined by the amount of money you drop on a brand. You can shop thrift, retail or high-end and find your style in any of those capacities.

Personal style is what you identify with

Think of your personal style like your spirit animal. It’s something you identify with -an item that feels like you, through and through. It’s your “spirit garment”! For me, I think a comfy cropped Moto jacket is my spirit item. I can wear it anyday, anytime, any outfit and it’s makes it feel like me. I’m comfortable, confident and enjoy what it adds to an outfit every time I wear it.

Personal style isn’t the outfit you’re lusting after on social media

Instagram is awesome - it has an awesome community and offers great inspiration on outfits, resizing, etc. It can help you discover smaller and newer ethical brands.That being said, your personal style is you - not what a social media influencer is wearing. Use those ideas as inspiration, but don’t feel pressured to purchase every new piece that your favourite instagrammer posts about - that’s their personal style and that entire outfit might not feel totally like you when you wear it. Maybe they have a really similar style to yours and they can offer lots of Inso - that’s totally cool. Just make sure you’re aware of where your two styles intersect and where they differ so you can stay true to yourself and not their marketing.

Personal style is your comfort zone

It’s what you think and feel most like yourself in. Your personal style is what works for you! It’s great to be comfortable - and if you do want to push yourself out of your comfort zone - you can! But I honestly think that personal style is whatever you feel most comfortable (physically and mentally). The clothes that make you comfortable and confident!

I hope this offers some insight on what personal style is and isn’t. I hope it can help you hone in on your own style and what you want to discover. I can do more posts about personal style: how to find yours, what mine is, etc. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments!



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