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Wardrobe Refresh: Spring

We're finally transitioning into spring (although it snowed this week- thanks Canada...) and I couldn't be more excited! I love the warmer weather because I love how easy it is to throw on a dress and be done with an outfit (laziness at its finest). This month, I graduated from grad school - insert confetti here- AND landed a full time job - insert even more confetti. So needless to say, BIG changes are coming for me, my lifestyle and my wardrobe. I say my wardrobe because for the past... my entire life... I've worked jobs that have a really casual dress code like athleisure or ripped jeans. But now, I'll be moving into a more business-casual environment, which means I'll need to pick up some appropriate items.

That means, more content coming your way. Maybe a series called "The Considerate Closet For the Office"? Definitely give me your title recommendations in the comments below!

In any case, I've been looking at my wardrobe and assessing what items could work in an office environment and what items are simply too casual (I'm looking at fluttery cropped blouses and jumpsuits with cut outs). For some items, I wanted to give them a test-run one last time to see if I can envision wearing them in the future.

In this outfit, the "test run" was for the lace up boots. I've had these boots for about a year and a half and have worn them quite a bit but they aren't the most comfortably (especially when I was on my feet all day for an 8 hour retail shift). That being said, they're unique and I love the vintage vibe they give off. Ultimately, I can't really see them working with the workwear that I'll be wearing the majority of the time and since they're not super comfortable... this is one of the items that I think I'll let go of. I'm going to try to sell them and then if not, they'll be donated!

The shirt jacket I'm wearing here is also on the more casual side but since it's a piece of outerwear, I think that's okay! It's 100% wool and really comfortable, so I know I'll opt to wear it on weekends even if I can't wear it to the office.

So that's where I'm at! I'm so excited for this season of change in my life, and I know I'll be able to create a lot more content on here about business-casual looks. I've been trying to find some resources online, so if you do know of any great bloggers or instagrammers that make that sort of content- do let me know! Once I find a core group that I love, I think I'll do a round up post of that as well - so they can be a source of outfit inspiration.

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