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Wardrobe Loves and Pet Peeves

Okay, so this post isn't super fancy, just mirror selfies here - please let me know in the comments if that's cool with you or if nice pictures are a must! I just wanted to snap these pictures real quick of my outfit to let you know of some ultimate *peeves* I'm having, and I'll also rave a bit about a pair of jeans.

Firstly, here's the baseline. This is a pretty regular "work" outfit for me nowadays. Most days I don't see anyone and if I do, it's on zoom so I really only have to worry about the top looking professional! Even then, I feel like my work environment isn't super formal so a nice top or sweater is a-okay. So basically I'm wearing a button down, high neck bodysuit, some distressed denim and... well socks because I didn't go out today (so no shoes lol).

But let's talk about my pet peeve. This top is by a Canadian brand (made in Canada, ethical, super cute aesthetic - the works). However - I'm not a fan of the quality. I won't call out the brand because I'm not trying to be a debbie downer on a small business but if I hadn't got this on sale I would be super (more) disappointed.

So I can definitely wear this button down closed and it's no problem - a cute linen top! The thing is, if I wear it open, the front part will flip out and reveal the construction on the inside and it's not like "oooh super good quality stitching" it's like a white tape-type thing (I'm not a savvy sewer but I've seen this stuff before to help finish seams...but ultimately it's not like a nicely finished one). I even tried ironing the top and specifically going down the front and it didn't help at all! So essentially, I can only wear this top closed (which I guess isn't a major issue, but I'm still disappointed that I can't wear it as I wanted). Anyway, that's my peeve with this top. As much as I like supporting local and everything, if the item isn't up to snuff... well I'll have to find a different company to support!

In other news, I mentioned in my last post that I've been changing up my denim drawer so things will fit a bit better. These Agoldes are *chef's kiss* - I absolutely love them! They are the Riley style and are the perfect high waist, tapered leg and cropped just enough for my 5'2" height. I will say, I did size down 1 size and they are SNUG at first - but they are 100% cotton and after 1-2 wears, they stretched out and are the perfect fit. The Agolde brand is very pricey (made in the USA) and their sizing is a little wonky (I've been reading tons of reviews) so I would suggest trying on the styles in store (at Nordstrom or Aritzia) and then looking for them secondhand - insert Plato's Closet (they price them around 25-50$) or Poshmark (prices vary but most people are trying to get their money back so they are more in the 100$ range, look around for a good deal!).

Anywhosen - that's a item that I love and an item that was a bit disappointing! Moral of the story: not all Canadian brands are created equal and shop secondhand for pricey denim!

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