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Versatility and Practicality

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I haven't posted my outfits for quite a while, mostly because A) I don't currently have someone who can take my picture and B) It's cold outside. Now I can definitely remedy this by setting up a backdrop in my home and taking tripod pictures which is what I've done here. These aren't the most ideal photos but hopefully I can tweak it until it looks nicer!

This is an outfit I wore for an informational interview. I actually rarely wear the grey wool skirt but the other items are all pieces that are in constant rotation and that are versatile. I can wear these items casually when I go to class or work and for more dressed up occasions like interviews.

I think what makes an item a good addition in your wardrobe is mainly the balance between versatility and practicality.


- Neutral colours

- Elevated fabrics (ie. fabrics that can be dressed up or down like denim or silk)

- Classic cuts (ie. nothing too fancy or out of the box that'll only work with 1 type of outfit combination)


- Fabrics that don't wrinkle easily

- Comfortable cuts (ie. shirt with high neckline to avoid too much chest showing, pants with stretch factor)

- A good fit (if the waistband is too tight or too loose, chances are it won't get a lot of wear)


Once your items begin to balance versatility and practicality, it'll be very easy to mix-and-match a variety of pieces to create outfit combinations that work for every occasion. In this outfit here is how I balance those aspects:

Wool coat

Versatile: brown colour, wool fabric, classic straight cut with moderate lapels and simple detailing (1 button)

Practical: wool doesn't wrinkle easily, the fit is loose enough to layer sweater underneath and isn't restrictive to movement

Black turtleneck

Versatile: black colour, ribbed tight fit that can pair easily with trousers or denim

Practical: stretchy material means it's ultra comfortable and moulds to the skin (so no wrinkles!)

Wool skirt

Versatile: grey colour, wool fabric, classic a-line cut

Practical: wool doesn't wrinkle easily, the length is appropriate, *waist is a little loose

So bingo - the reason this skirt doesn't get as much wear as other items in my wardrobe is because the fit isn't perfect. So every time I wear it, I'm readjusting the waist, re-tucking my shirt and it becomes a hassle. While I won't declutter this item just yet (because I could opt to get it tailored and it does tick every other box), at least I'm able to conclude why this item isn't getting the same wear as others in my wardrobe.

Do you assess your wardrobe based on practicality and versatility? I would highly suggest it if you've already done preliminary decluttering and have fallen into a rut with your closet, maybe into the trap of "I have nothing to wear". When items tick all the boxes of comfort, classic cuts, good fits, etc. it becomes much easier to create outfits that you're guaranteed to enjoy wearing.

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