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Transitioning from Summer to Fall

I feel like this summer season has been all over the place! It's been sweltering, it's been cold and rainy and now it's super humid! But in the mornings and evenings it's starting to get cooler so I definitely feel that fall breeze flowing through the air - autumn is coming!

I thought I'd kick off this back-to-school time with a transitional outfit! This is the first time that I'm not going back to school (wild, I know) for sure (I mean I probably said this 3 years ago... but I ended up just taking a gap year and going into my Masters program). But this time for sure (no Ph.D for me... yet... at least it's not on the horizon).

So here is my not-so-back-to-school transitional look.

It's basically jeans and a nice top. I feel like that's the easiest outfit formula either! It's never too dressed up or too casual - so it's perfect for entering the unknown. I probably wore a version of this every single "first day of school".

These jeans, shoes and backpack are all all-stars in my closet. I've worn them 30+ times and I can't get enough! I find that they're all really high quality, don't show any signs of wear and tear and they go with everything!

I will say, these jeans may get retired within the next year because they are wearing down - that's the only issue with denim that has stretch (or dare I say... jeggings) - they're comfy but they don't last as long as 100% cotton jeans!

That's something to keep in mind when shopping for denim: comfort, longevity, or both!? I like 100% cotton denim but mostly for straight leg or boyfriend-fit jeans. For skinnies I like that little bit of stretch for comfort! So I guess it's a compromise.

Anywhosen... What are you wearing for (not-so) back to school?!

Nice top: Aritzia summer sale (was 50% off!)

Jeans: thrifted Topshop

Shoes: the MK espadrilles that I wear everyday

Backpack: thrifted Rebecca Minkoff

I like thrifting all over but lately I've been shopping on Poshmark - if you sign up with my code CONSIDERCLOSET, you get $15 off your first purchase and I get $15 of "store credit" to use on the app. Everyone gets a referral code if they sign up so this isn't because I blog... I just have been really enjoying selling on the app!

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