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Top Sephora Recommendations

I just recently went through my Sephora purchase history and scrolled ALL the way back. To 2016. Wowza. And I was surprised by items that I’ve consistently repurchased, items I forgot I had loved and items that I recommend so strongly that I’ve given them as gifts. So I’m going to take you on a trip down my Sephora memory lane and tell you all the details about these products:

Bumble and Bumble

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer

$32 cad


I originally bought this as a mini in March of 2019 and then more recently purchased the full size in January 2020. This is one of those products that I’m not sure is necessary but I feel like I do need to at least try to protect my hair when I’m styling it with heat tools. I do a light spritz, especially focussing on the ends where I use my straightener to curl. It has a non-offensize, barely-there scent and I feel like it adds a little hydration. So whether or not it is actually helps is up in the air, but I do use this product every time I style my hair.

Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara

$32 cad


Honestly, I’m surprised how many times I’ve repurchased this. And I know for a fact that I’ve received it as a gift from my sister as well. I’ve repurchased this mascara 4 times so I’ve probably gone through 5 tubes total. I love this mascara, but it does have a formula that takes getting used to (sometimes it's wet and messy when it's a brand new tube). I think next up I'm going to try a drugstore mascara because I’m kind of tired of splashing out $32 for a mascara. That being said, the Too Faced one does give a false lash effect when you put 2 coats!


SEA Seaglass Liquid Eyeshadow in Suite Life

$29 cad


I actually purchased this for myself in a glow-y kit a few years back and then recently purchased it as a gift for my Secret Santa at work because she always complimented me when I wore it. This is a universally flattering shade and there’s no glitter fallout EVER since it's a liquid shadow. That's definitely it's selling point for me: all glitter, no fallout. For a single shadow I do feel like it's expensive since you can't create an "entire" eye look out of it... but for a makeup lover I'd totally recommend.

First Aid Beauty

Ultra Repair Crea Intense Hydration

$18 cad


This is a moisturizer I’ve repurchased 3 times and I like it… for the most part. It's a hydrating semi-thick formula. However, the last time I tried it, I didn’t love it as much as I had remembered. Maybe the formula changed, maybe my skin changed or maybe my preferences have changed. I tried the Lanolips one recently and enjoyed that one a lot, if you are on the market for a new moisturizer!


I’d also like to mention, out of all the mini samples I’ve received over the years, I’ve purchased the full size of… drumroll please…0. None of them! So honestly, I’ve gradually been requesting fewer and fewer samples when I make Sephora purchases because frankly either A) I don’t need them, B) I don’t use them or C) I’m not even excited about trying them. If I did see a sample for a product I was interested in, I would for sure try it out! But I’m just being more selective in what I’m bringing into my home, instead of hoarding a ton of samples that'll expire before I use them.

Another way that I minimize my makeup collection is that I have a set amount of space (1 shallow drawer) that I use to store all my makeup. If the item doesn’t fit in that spot, then I can’t have it. That’s an easy way to keep my makeup minimal and so that it doesn’t take over my room, my storage and my life!

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