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Top 5 fall-winter basics

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Black Booties

I love my black booties - they were my most-worn item for the fall-winter season last year! They work with so many different outfits: skirts & dresses as well as jeans & trousers.

My top tip is to pick a bootie that has a very low, chunky heel (I’m talking maybeeee an inch). This short heel will elevate the show a teensy bit so that it can still work with more “fancy” looks (ie. a skirt and tights) while also remaining comfy, casual and walk-able. I also prefer an almond-shaped toe so that it elongates the leg slightly.

Preferable, I opt for shoes that are leather or faux-leather (aka a waterproof material) because it’s just too rainy and snowy in Canada to warrant a suede shoe. Currently, I’m looking for a pair of black booties that have a tighter-fitting and higher ankle coverage in order to be able to style them with culottes in the fall and not have my legs get cold! Still on the hunt but if you’ve got any suggestions - let me know!

Light Wash Slim-straight Denim

The love affair with my Everyone Cheeky’s continues… I love a lighter wash denim in the fall paired with chunky knits and contrasted with black accessories (like the black booties and then I’d throw on a black purse or a belt). I wrote an entire review on these jeans here, but if you’ve been following me for even a month, you probably already know that they’re amazing and I love them. I even bought them in a different wash of denim and I never repurchase he same item of clothing in different colours - so that’s saying a lot!

Wool Scarf

A nice thick neutral-coloured scarf is an absolute must-have for me. It keeps you warm and also adds a bit of interest to an otherwise potentially simple outfit. My current favourite is a camel tone rectangular wool scarf from Aritzia. It was definitely a splurge but it was 100% what I was looking for and I didn’t want to settle for just an okay scarf that I would want to declutter after one season. It’s the perfect shade of camel and I love that there are no bells and whistles. It’s simple and clean cut and exactly what I wanted.

Wrap-Style Coat

I love wrap-style wool coats because they are so versatile. You can leave them undone and they’re a nice casual “trench coat” style or you can tie them up and have a more cinched-in waist and feminine, polished silhouette. In the winter, I hate having to fuss around with coat zippers or snaps, so a tie belt is just easier for me.

The two coats I have both have similar qualities. They’re a simple cut and shape: boxy in the body, fitted in the arms, simple lapels and deep pockets. Wool is an incredibly warm material so if you’re afraid that a wrap-style winter coat won’t be warm enough - just make sure you’re getting something with at least 50% wool content. You can even find this at less expensive stores like H&M (which is where my rust-colored coat is from). I try to get my coats on sale once the winter is over in order to get the highest quality for the lowest price. And also, these coats have been tested in cold Canadian winters - so I’m not joking when I say they’re actually warm!


Especially since I wear wrap-style coats, I have to layer on the warmth around my neck and chest (since usually those coats have a v-neckline). Enter… the turtleneck (and also the wool scarf that I mentioned earlier). I love turtlenecks because they look chic while being incredibly warm. I prefer a sweater that has a looser neck because I hate a restrictive tight turtleneck feeling. If you’re also wanting to change the cozy look of a turtleneck, you can layer on gold necklaces over top and it instantly makes your comfy sweater look chic and put-together.

Overall, turtlenecks are a total must for me! Afraid of the piling? I use a pile-shaver tool probably once a month to get rid of any excess balling up lint on the sweater to keep my turtlenecks looking brand new.

What are your fall-winter basics? Similar to my own or vastly different?

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