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Tis the Season: Elevating Loungewear

Today (as I'm writing this) has been the first true snowfall of the season! While I'm not a fan of the cold weather, there is something so fun and exciting about moving into a new season. This year has been so different than I had imagined and along with the major changes in the world as we know it, I've also shifted aspects of my wardrobe to adapt.

Prior to 2020, I didn't own loungewear. No sweatpants, no hoodies and my one university crewneck rarely got worn. But - just like most people - I realized that it was a category I was lacking in.

My issue with loungewear stemmed from my perception that it was ugly or a collection of my downgraded clothes from my closet that weren't "nice enough" to wear out. So, in 2020 I got 2 matching sets that are kinda similar, but different:

A mauvy-pink set:

-slim fit, regular waist sweatpants

-cropped (but not too cropped) crew neck sweatshirt (styled in this post)

A black set:

-thrifted black hoodie

-high-waisted black bottoms

What was important to me is that I got loungewear that I could theoretically wear out of the house (if it was my personal style) and still look presentable. While I don't wear sweatpants when I go out, I still wanted the top portion to style nicely within my wardrobe.

This pink sweatshirt is perfect for that! I like that it's slightly cropped so it looks nice with high-waisted jeans and I think the colour is unique and pretty. Here, I styled it with black skinny jeans, a wool coat and my vans for a really comfortable look. All of the pieces are laid back and easy to wear but they don't look frumpy - which is what I was aiming for. I think having the tight bottoms and structured coat helps balance the more baggy sweatshirt and the blend of textures also creates visual interest.

One thing I'm loving is gold jewellery layered on top of casual pieces like sweatshirts, so I also added a Mejuri pendant.

How do you feel about loungewear? Has 2020 convinced you to invest in more?

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