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Tis The Season

Happy holidays!!! This year, I've definitely been late to the festive game, but I've been trying to infuse the season with some of the normal things I love: wrapping presents, writing cards, baking cookies and finally decorating around the house. As I go, I've been also decluttering some stuff, so I've got a little ongoing donation box ready to go when the lockdown in my area lifts.

Since I've got extra time on my hands, I have a few " to dos" for the season:

  1. Read books (a rarity in my life right now... if its not a required reading for lecture it most definitely does not get read).

  2. Get ahead for some of my assignments & thesis for the spring term. (I know... riveting!)

  3. Start applying to career jobs (not sure what the prospects are with everything going on)

  4. Continue to minimize my closet (slowly but surely!). This is an ongoing struggle but every time we lockdown I realize how vast my closet is and how much I don't actually wear.

Normally the holidays would be filled with friends and family but this year is definitely requiring a different approach. I've sent way more letters and gifts via snail mail which has been working out really nicely! It's always nice to see something in the mailbox, isn't it?! I love getting texts from my friends who were surprised and excited to see a parcel for them!

Since mailing packages can get pricy, I try to pick small and compact gifts: so I've sent journalling stickers, a book, a wool hat, scrunchies... small stuff that really speaks to the recipient's personality and style! Packing it in an envelope rather than a box also helps to keep the shipping prices do-able! Another thing to keep in mind: decorate the outside of the package! I've been wrapping everything in brown paper and then adding gold star stickers on top or festive washi tape. It's the little things that make people smile!

I hope you're having a lovely holiday season!

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