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Thrifting: Limitations

I've spoken a lot about thrifting in the past and have mostly purchased second hand to build my wardrobe. Thrifting is amazing in so many ways: it's sustainable, budget-friendly and a fun weekend activity to do with friends!

That being said, thrifting has its limitations. Sometimes they don't have what you're looking for, sometimes its not in your size or a colour that works with your capsule and sometimes (especially living in the city) its expensive.

So, I do blend my thrifted pieces with other items that I purchase retail. For example, most of my outfit here is thrifted: the shift dress, grey cardigan (that you can kind of see poking through), the black purse. However, the wool coat is something I purchased at Aritzia in store. And that's simply because I had been looking for a brown wool coat at the thrift store for several years and I never found one in my size.

That's probably because a neutral wool coat is a classic that people want to keep in their wardrobe. So what are the chances that I find one at the thrift store? Pretty much 0%, so I ended up buying new. Items like these are investments and I would highly recommend that you don't settle. If you're purchasing first-hand, pick the best quality you can afford and the most classic timeless style so that it'll last you forever!

Purses, I find, are generally great investment items too. However, I don't buy them retail because people get bored of their purses quickly, so I've found plenty of beautiful (and neutral) bags at thrift and consignment stores for reasonable prices.

Another thing I never thrift is jewellery. I guess I'm picky in terms of that. I have very specific styles in mind and I prefer to wear gold or gold plated because of my sensitive skin. For me, it's just easier (and safer) to purchase from Canadian brands like Mejuri (the earrings I'm wearing here are both Mejuri).

How do you feel about thrifting? Do you have any dos or don'ts that you always follow? Or items that you know you'll purchase retail?

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