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Thrift Haul - Autumn 2021

So last week I spoke about a more pricey Canadian, ethical brand - click here to read the post. Today I'm talking about the other end of the spectrum: a thrift haul! Equally ethical & sustainable and way more inexpensive! (Although I will say, the thrift prices have gotten out of control).

There is a slight backstory to why I went thrifting, so here goes: I recently had a few laundry disasters. Basically, a product I was using on my skin would transfer a little onto clothing, and when that clothing got washed, there was a chemical reaction which resulted in several of my tops getting bleach-like stains on them. I was BUMMED. I specifically hate shopping for tops (and spending money on them) because I wear them a lot, I wash them after every wear (I'm a sweaty gal alright...) and I feel like they get worn out faster than my other clothes. So I hate shopping for tops, spending money on tops, yadda yadda. Basically, I ruined about 4 tops in the wash due to this mishap. So that was the main reason for my thrift trip. Another reason was that I was still looking for a pair of skinny jeans in a size up from the ones I currently had because my current ones were suffocating. I did not find skinnies during this trip, but here are the tops that I found (and at the end I'll reveal the total).

Top number one is this super cute linen blouse from Melanie Lyne. It's really high quality and has little ties on the sleeve. I think it's a size 6, but is super oversized. Since it has a drop shoulder and boat neckline, I feel like the oversized fit works! I feel like if you've been following my blog for awhile, you'll know that I absolutely love linen, so this one was such a find!

I'd also like to add that it has the absolute cutest back detail!!! Little buttons running down the middle of the top. Honestly, this may be my favourite top of the haul. It's not very fall appropriate, but it's neutral, linen, and has cute feminine design details - all of my loves.

Top number two was a little harder to photograph but it is this little Zara number with a flowy babydoll style fit. The sleeves are a slightly longer short sleeve and it has a very boho cut and feel. One thing I really like about this top is that the v-neck isn't too low. I'm not a fan of showing my chest (you'll rarely see me in anything low cut), but it's hard to find interesting necklines that aren't revealing... (you know, usually different necks like squareneck, sweetheart, etc are a little bit more low...). This piece is also a neutral so I know it'll go with a lot. I'm actually wearing it as I write this! It was a steal of a deal at $4.50. I did find a tiny hole in it, but that's a super easy fix.

Next up we have this Aerie henley top in baby blue. Now, I was a bit apprehensive about this one because it's blue and I don't tend to wear a lot of blue (other than denim). It has a little tie detail in the front and thumbholes on the sleeves. This top is almost perfect: I love the fit, it is super soft, washed well and was basically brand new when I found it. The downsides for me are the colour (limited to wearing it with darker pants) and it does show sweat (the bane of my existence haha!). I'm wearing it here with my suffocating skinnies that are too small - since then I did find a pair that are my size, but I ended up having to purchase retail because I couldn't find any thrifted (I got them on clearance though, so that's good).

This piece was something I was on the fence about. This is an oversized cardigan from Aritzia (it says size S on the tag, but it's probably like a 1X). The knit is really comfy and breathable because it's cotton and I love the heathered effect. This may not be the most flattering, but for $10, this is a great around-the-house cardigan that is super comfy!

I also picked up this t-shirt that has a curved hem. It's pretty longline so it'll work well with leggings! It's a super dark grey and also from Aritzia. This is actually a style of top that I've owned in the past in different colours, so I knew I would wear it.

This is the last top I found, which is another Aerie (or American Eagle) number. It's a boyfriend fit button down flannel in a super lightweight material (yay for not being too thick and hot). It's also incredibly soft and I love the black and white. I always love the look of flannels, but often I find the colours are a bit too much for my style - so I like that this one is more neutral and isn't a thick buffalo plaid. This piece is one that I've already worn several times - it's perfect for fall!

Finally, this piece is also not really fall appropriate but I loved it too much to pass up. It's from Universal Thread (woo, Target) and it's a spaghetti strap midi dress with tiers. It's a super cute muted green colour with a subtle stripe and some buttons going down the front. I absolutely love midi dresses and more of a boho, feminine style and this fit the bill! For fall, I could wear it with a cropped sweater and little booties, but this will also be perfect for the warmer months. This was actually the most expensive piece that I got (I think around $12...) but well worth it! And finally... a fail:

These are skinny fit high waisted trousers originally from Dynamite. They were a total no-go for me! They fit everywhere except the waist (and there are no loops for a belt). Because they're stretchy, when I walked they slid down and became a super unflattering drop crotch. I think considering that the fitting rooms are still closed and I couldn't try anything on in the store, this was actually a pretty successful haul! I ended up exchanging these pants (grrr... no refunds) for a western style belt, so it ended up working out.

Overall, I found 8 items and spent a total of $60 (I had a 20% off coupon). Out of those 8 items - only 1 fail! Not too shabby!! Considering the pricing of thrift stores nowadays, I think I did really well. I found a lot of tops, which was my main focus and for the most part kept it neutral and autumnal. What do you think of these pieces? Have you done a thrift trip recently?

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