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Thrift Find: Suede Biker Jacket

Guys, I found this biker jacket thrifted!!! What a score! It's a rusty red suede biker jacket that feels ultra high quality and I got it for a whooping 16$ cad, which is such a score in the ever-rising thrift store prices in Ontario. I'm so happy!

I had a black biker jacket long ago but it just got way too worn out (it was secondhand too!) and have been on the hunt ever since. I'm really particular in the fit that I like, which is why it's taken me so long to find one!

My requirements for a biker jacket:

Tight arms

I like when the arms are tight fitted and not baggy. I want to be able to fit a thin knit under the jacket but nothing too chunky.

Proper shoulder seams

My shoulders are narrow so jackets tend to make me look like a quarterback! I like when the shoulders are fitted so the jacket doesn't look like I borrowed it.

Slightly cropped

I like to be able to wear my biker jacket with pants or skirts and dresses. For it to look right on my proportions it does need to be more fitted and slightly on the cropped side. This jacket isn't super cropped on my long torso but the cut nips in at the waist which I think helps it work well with dresses.

Classic hardware

I like a classic biker: with zippers, asymmetry and hardware that doesn't look super cheap. This biker has dark black-silver hardware which is cool and unique!

Quality fabric

I don't like when the material feels plastic-y or sticky when I wear it. Since this jacket is suede it doesn't have the same struggle as a pleather but I find it really important that the jacket's material feels nice.

I feel like those are very specific requirements, which has made it really hard to find a jacket I love! I originally wanted one in a neutral colour like black, brown or beige but I have a real love for autumnal rusty reds, oranges and mustard yellows and I fell in love with this jacket. Obviously it won't be as versatile as a neutral but I still think the red can be worn pretty easily, especially since my fall-winter capsule colour palette incorporates this shade!

Have you found any thrift scores recently?!

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