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The Wool Skirt: Winter Capsule

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

In the summer, I love wearing dresses and midi-length skirts. To translate my love for a-line silhouettes into winter, I tend to go for shorter hemlines. I do this because I know I’ll be wearing dark tights with black booties and a mini skirt allows this combo be the most leg-lengthening on my petite frame.

This wool a-line mini is a great option because the colour is a mid-tone that will work in any season. The fabric is also not ultra-textured so I could easily transition it into more spring - or even summer outfits.

I paired the skirt with a chunky knit half-tucked in the front. I think it would look great entirely tucked in but this sweater is just too chunky for that. Whenever I wear chunkier knits though, I tend to roll up the sleeves so that I don’t get swallowed up by all the fabric!

From the back, this outfit is much more “shape-less” but I think it adds a comfy and casual vibe. I also think, since the skirt is on the shorter side, it’s nice to be a bit more covered and modest on top.

My vintage coach purse is currently my go-to. I haven’t had a lot of time to switch my bags around and since most of my cold-weather shows are darker colours, the bag matches them easily.

For jewellery, I’m wearing my newest Mejuri necklace from the astrology series (I’m a Leo!) and I really love the longer chain that makes it hang lower, especially on sweaters and when I’m wearing lots of layers.

These earrings are also a black-friday purchase from Mejuri. I think they’re called the boyfriend hoop and they’re the perfect mix between simple and “statement” (statement for me!), while not being a dangly earring. I just find that for me, dangly earrings aren’t practical: they get caught on my hair, my sweater or my coat, especially in the wintertime. I’d just rather keep it simple and have a smaller earring that I don’t have to worry about!

I’m thinking of doing a few styling posts where I go over different ways to wear one item of clothing. Definitely considering a holiday party one, but things like this wool skirt or chunky sweater are contenders too! If you see anything on my Insta or here on the blog that you’d like to see re-styled several ways - let me know in a comment!



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