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The No-Buy which is now a Low-Buy - February Update

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

The plan was to do a no-buy in 2019. It’s been 2 months since I started so I figured it’s time for an update. I'm sure you can tell by the title of this post that maybe it hasn't totally worked out. But I'm determined to be positive-minded and to see this as a learning experience!

The Struggles

Day 11. I have browsed online a few times but I never add anything to the cart since I know I can’t buy it. I find that I think about buying myself a coffee when I’m out and about as a “treat” since I won’t be spending… So that’s a thing now. I’m just highly caffeinated more often.

I've also definitely written down a lot of brands or items that I’m interested in trying in a notebook.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve become way more picky with my clothing. Even things that I used to wear constantly, I’m starting to see their shortcomings and why they might not be perfect for me. I’ve been making piles to consign and donate which means my closet looks pretty bare.

The Successes

I made a tiny calendar in my notebook for my no-buy and I let myself colour in each day that I don’t purchase anything. It’s kind of an incentive to see that streak of coloured days continue so that might be a tip you can use if you’re doing a challenge or a no-buy this year too.

Day 17: I’m just over 2 weeks into this challenge and the items I ordered during boxing week sales finally arrived in the mail (3 items: 2 from Everlane which I will review soon and 1 Eve Gravel piece that I got from a local shop). Having these items arrive was kind of exciting and even more fun since I’m doing this no-buy. It’s almost like I appreciated them so much more, but I was also more picky with the pieces (than I normally am). I’ve decided I’m going to return one Everyone item because the fit isn’t perfect.

The Exceptions

So theoretically, I should be adding nothing to my wardrobe or makeup collection during this no-buy. But I've learned a lot so far.

In these last two months, I’ve purchased 5 items. Which means I have to call this no-buy a low-buy. Because I don’t want to lie to you all! Honestly, I’d have bought much more had I not been on this no-buy bandwagon. In one trip to the thrift store I could’ve totally purchased 5 or more items. Mostly, I'm pleased that I’m being really considerate with what I bring in and I hope that in the next 2 months, I’ll bring in less than 5 items or none at all.

I’ve realized with this no-buy that I'm not good with cutting things off cold-turkey and I like to gradually make changes in my life. So I failed the no-buy and decided not to beat myself up over it - now its my low-buy 2019 where I’ll strive to purchase less. As long as I'm gradually improving throughout the year, I’ll consider this a success. The baseline is 2 months, 5 items. I’ll continue keeping track of my purchases and hopefully stay on track.

So want to know what I purchased and the reasoning behind it all?

1. Graphic T

This was the first cheat item which I purchased from Urban Outfitters. I’ve been looking for a graphic band T for about 6 months now and have never found one that I truly love. So when I was out meeting my sister downtown and saw this one on sale, I snagged it - thus breaking the no-buy.

2. Checked Blazer

The infamous checked blazer that everyone owns. I decided to purchase one as an option to wear to interviews since I'm actively applying to jobs.

3. Elizabeth Suzann Pants

After I sent back the pants I ordered from Everlane, I decided to take the plunge on these cotton-canvas pants from Elizabeth Suzann. I actually emailed customer service about their size recommendations in October and had them saved on my Pinterest months before that. Since I decided the Everyone pants weren’t perfect for me and I needed trousers that I could wear to work, I decided to fill that gap with these ones. I ordered them a little while ago and I’m pretty sure they’re in the making process so I’ll let you know when I receive them.

4. Yellow Linen Overalls

This one is another "I can wear it to work" item since it adheres to my job's dress code. I've been alternating between 2 bottoms for around 4 months now and I got tired of the lack of options! So these overalls and the Elizabeth Suzann Clydes will be my new options.

5. Green Wrap top

This purchase is a result of me accidentally shrinking 3 sweaters in the wash. At the same time. That was an upsetting laundry day. I decided that instead of buying another sweater prone to shrinking, I’d buy a cotton long sleeve that I can’t possibly ruin in the laundry. This wrap top seemed to be a good choice because it’ll look great with high-waisted pants or skirts and I could also wear it on top of a dress to change up an outfit.

How is your no-buy or low-buy going? I feel kind of guilty for breaking my no-buy and the justifications are a little much, but I'm trying to take everything with a positive attitude and not beat myself up over it! The new goal is to buy less. So far I've purchased 5 items in 2 months. Let's hope that number is smaller in the next 2! I'll update you all at the end of May.



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