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The Considerate Closet Turns 2!

The blog has officially turned two! I feel like birthdays always make me reflect and a blog birthday is no different. So much has changed in the past two years and I thought I would share with you some of the blog lessons I learned and life changes I've gone through in the past two years online.

I stepped out of my comfort zone

Blogging has really helped me become more confident with myself, my writing and my creative design choices. I've been able to explore what I like aesthetically in website design, delve into new fashion choices and experiment with more informal writing.

I learned new skills

By starting this blog I was able to learn a whole new digital perspective that I didn't tap into while studying fine arts. I also started a graduate program that has given me more operational business-y skills and a new critical lens to look at business plans and strategic missions in the workplace. On my own, I started exploring what leadership means to me and how I can better lead a team in my future endeavours.

I changed my mindset

I've always wanted to have an intentional closet, but working on this blog has really allowed me to practice those intentions. I'm not perfect and I have a lot to learn. I still make thrifting mistakes and spontaneous purchases. But that's all a part of learning and life. Overall, I'm just happy that I was able to shift my consumerist mindset and think a little bit more about what I bring into my world.

I prioritized a hobby

Blogging for me is a hobby and I've really never prioritized a hobby before. I always put my full effort into work and school and tend to forget to do what I enjoy for fun! Working on this blog has been an incredibly fun and fulfilling (like I mentioned in the previous points) activity for me. I'm so happy that I spent time every week to work on it!

Thank you for joining me for these past two years. Whether its reading a blog post once in a while or checking back every week - thank you! I truly appreciate that you spend your time reading what I've got to say! I hope you enjoy the time you spend in my little corner of the internet and please - let me know if you have any requests for posts or topics! You can email me from the contact page on this site or leave a comment below! (I can't directly respond to comments - because technology - but I'll always add another separate comment to reply and I'll always email back!).

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