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The Completer Piece: How to Elevate an Outfit

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This outfit is my jam. The base is really simple: jeans and a chunky knit… *Cough, cough* my uniform *cough*. So it’s super comfy but I think this soft trench jacket makes it look really put together.

I think styling an outfit with a third piece really completes it. It just shows that you put a teeny tiny bit more thought into the layers. You could really add anything over a shirt and jeans: a blazer, a denim jacket (à la Canadian tuxedo) or if you prefer, layering underneath with a shirt poking out from the bottom of a sweater.

Adding jewellery is also an awesome way to complete an outfit - and accessorizing more has been one of my goals for my fall capsule wardrobe. I really love the way these resin hoops play with my pearl earrings and surprisingly, although they're a statement piece, they are seriously easy to wear because of their neutral tone.

I didn’t come up with the concept of “completer” pieces - I don’t really know who did - but there are so many blog posts that go into more detail like Who What Wear and also Putting Me Together. Those are just a couple of posts that might be able to give you some more insight into what a completer piece is and some style Inso on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

In the fall, completer pieces are easy since they are usually an extra layer, which means added warmth (and I’m a sucker for warmth). I’ve been looking for a soft, long trench for over a year but I didn’t want to settle on a colour or a style that I didn’t absolutely love and I also wanted to find it at a thrift store (Woohoo for sustainability and recycling!). After much hunting, this cargo green badboy came into my life for $14.99.

Do you guys love thrifting and waiting to find the perfect piece? Or do you prefer to search online or in stores? Let me know!!!



Green Trench: thrifted, similar

Scarf: same

Sweater: same

Jeans: thrifted, similar

Tote Bag: old, same (but different colour)

Booties: thrifted, similar

Earrings: similar

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