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Tentree Review

FIY: This post is not sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links. I purchased these items with my own money and all opinions are my own.

Tentree is an apparel and accessories brand that aims to make sustainable (and comfortable) clothing and is based in Vancouver, Canada. For every item purchased, they plant 10 trees - hence the name of the brand. In their "about" section you can learn more about their earth-first choices: materials, manufacturing and their planting projects. In terms of ethics, they design their products right here in Canada and then manufacture them ethically around the world.

At the bottom of this page, they have a "factory ledger," so you can select a factory that manufactures Tentree products and then see what's going on over there in terms of supplier, if Tentree has visited that location and if any audits have been made. You can also see their supplier code of contact form, to know what Tentree expects from the factories they work with.

Tentree is a certified B corporation with an overall b impact score of 124.6. The higher the score means the company is doing more to create positive social or environmental impacts via their operations, business model, etc. For reference, a standard business usually scores around 50, a b-corp certified business must have 80 points and Tentree sits at 124.6 (so really good!).

In terms of pricing, t-shirts are around $40 and sweaters are around $80. They do have a sale section and free Canadian shipping over $85. It's still expensive, but definitely a lower price point than other ethical or sustainable options, especially in Canada. I would say price-wise it may be similar to Everlane, but you need not worry about duties for shipping to Canada. That being said, Tentree's aesthetic is much different than Everlane's.

I would say the Tentree vibe is casual clothing for someone who enjoys cozy basics with cute graphic or slogans related to sustainability.

I ordered 2 hats from their limited edition Lorax collection (from Dr. Seuss! So cute). One for me, one as a gift for my dad. I also ordered their tote bag that has "plant" printed on the front. A week after I ordered, I received a shipping confirmation and tracking number. I did have a little bit of an issue there because the "track my shipment" link directed me to Canada Post and the tracking number I was provided didn't yield any results. A few quick emails to customer service: it turns out the package was shipped via Fedex, so I was then able to use the tracking number provided with no problem.

My package sat in the Fedex facility near my house for about a week and a half and when it finally arrived it was COVERED in mud. It wasn't even raining the day I received it! No mud anywhere near my home. So I'm not sure what was happening on the delivery end of things but I guess Fedex was swamped (literally and figuratively). In any case, that's not Tentree's fault at all and thankfully the products inside were unaffected. I just opened the package outside and promptly threw away the wet, mud-covered mailer and looked through my order:

Lorax Peak Hat (black)

This is the hat I chose for my dad. It's black with an embroidered Lorax on the front and his "mantra" on the back. The cap is 100% tencel lyocell (a sustainable fabric) and is part of Tentree's Dr. Seuss collection. It has a curved brim and the back clasp is adjustable. You know how usually the back of baseball caps have a little flap of fabric to tighten or loosen a hat? These Tentree caps both have a concealed pocket so any excess fabric from tightening isn't visible. What a nice touch!

Lorax Speak For The Trees Peak Hat (grey)

Same composition and design details as the previous hat, but this time in light grey with the Lorax's slogan "speak for the trees" in curvy embroidered writing at the front. I really appreciate the concealed flap for the tightening of the hat since I always have to tighten my baseball caps! It's a really nice touch that shows Tentree thought about the design, instead of slapping a slogan on a cheap blank. That being said, my small pea-sized head is still a little too small for the hat, even when tightened to the fullest. I'm pretty sure that's down to this hat being unisex, but if you have a small head, this hat may not be for you! It's not a major problem in my opinion, and I'm still going to wear the hat because it's comfortable, feels secure enough, I love the quality and the way it looks.

Plant Tote Bag

I know a tote bag is just a tote bag... but this bag is such a great size, shape and feels like great quality. It's 100% organic cotton and is a natural beige colour with little speckles of black throughout. The graphic is really minimal in design and is only printed on one side. The bag is a great size: not too big, not too small. The Goldilocks of tote bags I guess. Is it worth $25? It definitely feels like good quality but if you have good tote bags, this one isn't anything revolutionary, so it's definitely not necessary.

I will say, all these items feel like incredible quality. As Tentree says in their description of the grey Peak hat: "Sometimes childhood characters have more to offer than children’s stories. The Lorax, aka guardian of the forest, said it best “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues”. On behalf of the Lorax: we need to do better by our planet." The Lorax collection is really cute and is a great opener for a conversation about sustainability. The plant graphic tote is also great quality and a perfect size. Overall, I can tell that Tentree is really considerate about their designs and they produce high quality products. Their customer service was prompt and although my particular experience with shipping wasn't the best - that is not a reflection of Tentree.

Would I recommend? Absolutely. They have great stuff at a more affordable price, considering the sustainability and ethics market in Canada. They also plant ten trees for every item purchased, which is incredible! I think it's great that a company is striving to make a difference and infuses every part of their business with the same vision and values that they claim. The only thing is, Tentree isn't necessarily "my style" and I know I wouldn't get a lot of wear from quite a few of their designs. For cozy outfits and loungewear, I can definitely get on board - however on the daily, I tend to dress a little more "formal." However, if Tentree is your aesthetic, it is incredible quality and is contributing positively to our community and environment, so I'd definitely recommend!

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