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Sweater Dress Weather

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I love the look of sweater dresses but I never feel like it's the right weather or temperature to wear them! Just me?! Granted pairing a dress with tights helps when the weather gets a little cooler, but I see so many cute outfits on pinterest or instagram with bare legs + booties + sweater dress and I love the look, but it's never right for where I'm living!

Well, the other day was the perfect sweater dress weather - a little crispness in the air but still warm with the sun out so I went for it! I will say though, it was perfect when walking around and having a little sushi picnic outdoors, but I did get a little hot in the car with the sun beating down!

As per usual this outfit is 100% neutral - I've been injecting colour in my wardrobe but I still love all the neutrals! I think the special details on each piece help to still keep the outfit interesting.

The dress: Wilfred, Aritzia

I love the slight puff to the sleeve, which adds a touch of interest to the otherwise classic shape. It's a heathered grey colour.

The boots - Poppy Barley (a Canadian ethical brand!) bought secondhand at a Vancouver-based store called Hunter & Hare.

I love this boots! I have always loved the mix of a wood heel on a shoe because it adds a bit more texture and a slight boho vibe. It's also a really comfortable shoe to wear - the heel is a good height and there's cushioning on the sole. Since I got them secondhand they were a great deal - but I will say, Poppy Barley is a bit more on the pricey side - so definitely an investment if you get them new. I really love supporting Canadian brands (as you probably already know from this blog), so I'm so glad I could try these within my budget. In any case, I'll report back on how they wear over time but so far so good! Booties always get so much wear in my wardrobe and I had to retire my beloved brown faux-leather sock boots this season due to holes, so this pair was a welcome addition.

The purse - Rebecca Minkoff bought secondhand off Poshmark

I've gotta tell you - Poshmark has been my jam lately! I've been finding super great items that I would've been tempted to save up for and buy brand new, but that I've been able to get secondhand (good for the planet) at a lower price (good for my wallet). It's been great! I also recently had to change up all my jeans because...well I guess weight has been redistributing on my body. I didn't really change size but my old jeans just were not fitting quite right anymore, so I had to look for a different cut that works for my body now. I'm still on the lookout for a pair of skinnies (preferably in a washed black colour), but I've been able to replace my two mom-jean style denim (one with rips, one without) at a fraction of the cost. And this purse? So super cute. I love the pockets, gold hardware and greyish taupe colour. I'm a fan of Rebecca Minkoff's quality in terms of handbags (I've always bought them secondhand and they've always lasted me a long time). This year, my old black crossbody Rebecca Minkoff (the one that is a camera-style bag - shown in this blog post) - well the strap decided to say adieu, goodbye, chao. I probably could've gotten a new strap made for it, but I ended up just selling it for super cheap on Poshmark for someone else to DIY. I've gotten my use out of it and I was looking for something slightly bigger that could fit my whole wallet (not just a cardholder). In any case, I'm really happy with this piece and all I'm saying is don't sleep on Poshmark if you're struggling with thrifting in person - if there's not much good stock near you, if the prices are too steep, etc.

All together, a super simple outfit but one that I really love! What are your thoughts on sweater dresses? Yay or nay?!

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