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Styling (Faux) Leather Leggings

I never thought I would say this but... I love leather leggings! They're just such a fun way to switch up a pair of basic black leggings and the best part of all? My cat's fur doesn't cling to them! I love not having to lint roll right before heading out the door!

While I do think leather leggings are great, the most important thing is to find a pair that doesn't make awful squeaky noises as I walk... This pair is definitely worth all the hype (I found them at Platos Closet - a second hand store - but they're originally from Aritzia). I've heard some good things about the Spanx leather leggings but I think they're pricy too!

To break up my all-black outfit I wore an orange purse that I personalized with an Amazon score - this purse strap. Definitely the best Amazon buy I've ever found (that being said, I rarely order from Amazon... maybe once a year). This is same brand as the one I got (they no longer have the exact pattern) but this one is also cute!

The purse strap is useful for two reasons. First and foremost, it can help make a purse work better for my height because I can change up the strap length more drastically. I originally bought this strap for a satchel purse that I was using that was way too long for my short stature. I definitely could've gone to a leather specialist and asked them to shorten the strap it came with but I think buying this "guitar" strap from Amazon was cheaper. Plus it doubles as a stylistic feature and can really change up a look!

If I were adding an extra layer on top of this look, I would switch out the brown boots for black ones because I don't like when I have several different brown tones all in one outfit. I'm not sure the orange purse "goes" with the camel coat but... it is what it is!

What do you think of all the (faux) leather trends going on this year?!

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