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Style Inspo: Favourite Instagrammers

Nowadays, it is so easy to find style inspiration. There are magazines, Pinterest, youtubers and fashionistas all over Instagram. I remember trying to look for style inspo in highschool when blogging wasn't as popular and it was always super hard to find photos that I really identified with. Usually, the content creators weren't in the same stage of life as myself or their style was just so vastly different from my own.

It's awesome now that there are so many resources and options for people to look for style inspiration. I particularly love scrolling through Instagram to find outfit inspiration and to save my faves in the "collection" feature.

Today I'll outline 3 of my top favourite Instagram accounts for fashion. All of these lovely instagrammers extraodinaires are awesome bloggers as well! I’ve linked their blogs below.


This image is not my own. Credit: https://www.instagram.com/theomedit/

Olivia has a super comfy-casual-cool style that is totally awesome. I’m always swooning over her footwear (black slip ons, mules, cool sneakers and blundstones) and her outerwear choices are right up my alley (denim jackets and faux leather jackets in the fall).

She also has the cutest son and captures the most adorable moments on camera so bonus points for the cuteness factor!

More on theomedit: http://www.theomedit.com


This image is not my own. Credit: https://www.instagram.com/thethoughtfulcloset/

I really love Allison’s monochromatic looks and the warm neutrals she incorporates into her capsules with simple gold jewellery. I’m a fan of the sleek silhouettes and longer hemlines she chooses : midi-length dresses and longline jackets or cardigans. Her outfits always look comfortable, functional and minimal!

More on thethoughtfulcloset: https://thethoughtfulcloset.com


This image is not my own. Credit: https://www.instagram.com/emilylightly/

What I love about Emily’s feed is that she shows how she mixes up her outfits in a 10 x 10 in order for the viewer to easily understand the versatility of each piece. I also appreciate that her pieces do have sometimes “trendy” aspects but they are equally classic enough to stand the test of time. Things like a slightly ballooned sleeve on a sweater or the t-shirt-under-a-cami look are cool ways to stay on trend without resorting to fast-fashion. I’m also super into her layering- something I want to try out this fall and winter.

More on emilylightly: https://emilylightly.com

Where do you find the most style inspiration? Are you more into Pinterest or cutting into fashion magazines? I find that Instagram works best for me because it tends to show more practical, every day looks that me (with my current lifestyle) can identify with. Oh, and if you'd like to find me on Insta and what I'm up to on a daily basis I can be found @the_considerate_closet.



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