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Style Envy: Anthropologie

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Anthro is just one of those stores whose aesthetic I love. It’s quirky, it’s cute and it’s good quality. I love that they branch off from just clothing and merchandise beauty, jewellery as well as homegoods.

Disclaimer: I only own maybe 4 items from anther (2 items being identical coasters) but because their stuff is just so darn expensive, but the artist in me loves the artistry of their storefront windows, the creative talent of their visual merchandisers and the unique items that inspire me to be a little quirkier with my wardrobe.

Being inspired by stores and companies, doesn’t mean you need to support them. Window shopping is fun and rewarding and gives you ideas for future DIYs, gifts or even colours of paintings (if you’re an art-maker like me!).

Anthro is a little boho and I love that it experiments with shapes, patterns and colours. My favourite items are always the adorable little animals on tea-cups and platters (I’m a sucker for cute animal illustrations - don’t even get me started on Rifle Paper Co.). The two coasters that I purchased from them are Agate pink stone coasters with a gold trim. I have this love for stones and rocks and I ended up splurging on these coasters to keep one on my nightstand, and the other on my vanity. It adds a little pizazz and brings me a lot of joy.

The other part of anther that I absolutely love is their windows. They go all out (especially around the holidays) and they tend to use “reclaimed” or crafty materials to create beautiful displays. Last time I passed by the Anthro on Queen Street, they had these tissue paper pompoms that were so happy and vibrant. How cute would that be as a photo backdrop for a party or wedding?!

Lastly, obviously I like looking at their clothes. Although their items generally fit big and aren’t really cut for a petite frame like mine, I do love seeing how they reinterpret classic shapes. Their unique aesthetic is really like no other brand on the market that I’ve seen. This one plaid wrap dress was a total winner (and an extra 40% off the sale price - so actually a fair price) and I brought it home with me. Anthro feels like a high-end vintage store: stocked full of unique goodies that I won’t usually spend my money on.

Anthro is a fun place to visit and I check them out twice a year (maybe once a season if I’m in the area) but fortunately, there are none near me - so I’m not at risk of overspending.

Are there any places that you like to visit, purely for inspiration?

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