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Steal Her Style: Pinterest Edition

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I love taking inspiration from outfits I see on Pinterest in order to spice things up in my own capsule wardrobe. I went through my Pinterest closet board and tried to pick out some photos where I had similar items, similar colours or similar silhouettes. Being inspired by an outfit isn’t just about copying it - it’s about adapting it to your wardrobe and adding your own flair. Here are the looks I loved on Pinterest, and how I would recreate them with my own pieces:

You can check out my full capsule wardrobe here, if you want to see everything that I’m working with this summer.

And also - although I tried to find the original poster for these images, but I wasn’t always able to trace it back to them. So if you know who it was and what link I can tag to give them credit - please let me know! I’ve done my best to provide the links and details I could find:

This first look is a photo of one of Free People’s off-duty models. What I loved about this outfit is just how relaxed, casual and comfy it looks. Although I don’t have these exact pieces, I tried to recreate the vibe with a similar silhouette. I chose my Elizabeth Suzann Clydes to wear on the bottom because they have a super cropped leg and a high waist just like the pants in the photo. On top I tied up a basic graphic t-shirt and for the shoes, I have very similar ones in my own closet: woven brown loafers.

What drew me to this outfit was the gorgeous colour. A colour I love so much that I have something super duper similar! In order to get the summery vibe from the photo, I paired my ochre jumpsuit with a light-coloured t-shirt underneath and light brown leather sandals. If I had a basket bag, I would add that too - but I can’t justify adding a basket bag to my capsule since it really is a one-season item.

I love the monochromatic look of this outfit! This photo is actually an ad for a beautiful clothing company called Frond. You can check them out here. They make all their clothing by hand in the USA! While I would love to own this piece, I can recreate a similar outfit with things I already own! I chose to go very tonal with the items I picked from my own wardrobe: my ES Clydes again (to reference the canvas pants the model is wearing) and a rust-brown coloured tank top. On the bottom - my trusty beige mules.

Last but not least, I was mainly inspired by the silhouette of this outfit. While I do own white denim culottes, I wanted to switch things up and pair my yellow utility style culottes with a cropped boxy tee from Everlane. These yellow culottes match the vibe of the ones in the photo a little more since they are a utility style cotton-twill pant instead of denim. And for the shoes, I matched her black flats by wearing my suede ones from Toms.

Do you use Pinterest to get outfit inspiration? I personally love to “copy” outfits I see online because they push me to be more creative with my wardrobe and to try new combinations that I may not have thought about otherwise.

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