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Steal Her Style: F-W Edit

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Looking at social media platforms for inspiration is a great way to get a little creative with your closet and gives me the push to try new combinations. Like I said in my summer edit, taking inspiration doesn’t mean creating an exact replica - it’s about taking bits and pieces of what you like and making it your own!

I’ve tried my best to link back to the original poster of these photos but if I wasn’t able to find their info, please let me know if you know how I can link back to them and give them all the fashion credit!

This first look was created by the gorgeous Emily J Bull. She’s wearing a gorgeous satin skirt with a simple crew neck sweater and cognac purse. I was searching for ways to wear my satin skirt in more casual ways, and this is a beautiful combination. I have quite similar pieces in the same colour ways, so this look turned out pretty exact!

Alice Catherine is my go-to for quirky yet modern vintage-inspired outfits. She has a blog and Insta and I’d highly recommend checking out both! Here, she’s wearing cut-off straight leg denim with a plaid blazer and slogan T. I recreated the look with similar tones (but unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a quirky slogan T that I love). I’d probably pair this with my nude mules if the weather permits and chunky black boots if it’s a little chilly out.

This outfit is all about the proportions! I couldn’t find the original poster but I was inspired by her combination of a wide-leg denim and long-line outerwear piece.

Anine Bing is a beautiful designer who has the coolest rock-n-roll chic looks. Her shop is drool-worthy but unfortunately I’m on a student budget so I need to be creative in recreating her looks. This one was fairly simple look so I kept it monochromatic like Bing and threw on my plaid, double breasted blare over top. Super easy and pulled together!

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