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Starting a curated closet without the pressure

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Step 1: Declutter

I am going to write an entire post on how to declutter your closet without creating an even bigger mess. Until then, just think about removing items that don't fit, aren't comfortable and that you simply don't feel like belongs in your wardrobe and is impractical for your lifestyle.

Step 2: Be a curator

Think in terms of an art curator. They research, they plan and they see how artworks work together and create discussions in an art gallery, exhibition space or museum. You’re the curator of your closet: think about how the cuts, styles and colours compliment and contrast and work together in one space (your wardrobe!).

By thinking about your closet in terms of a project or exhibition, you might be more picky - which is a good thing when you're curating! You want your wardrobe to become one cohesive story or concept; and a concept can have pieces that contrast and create interest and discussion - so this doesn’t mean your closet has to be boring!

Step 3: Take your time

A curator doesn’t plan an exhibition overnight. Take your time to think about things. Add stuff in your wardrobe to reconsider later. Pull things out that you're unsure of. You don’t need to be strict on only having X number of pieces and getting the correct combination of items right the first time.

Your closet is evolving like you, and take your time to mould it into exactly what you love.



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