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Spring Inspiration

Whenever a new season starts, I love looking through my recent Pinterest and Instagram saved images in order to see where I want my closet and style to be headed in that season. I took a few screenshots of my Pinterest closet page so that you can take a peak into what I'm loving style-wise.

In this section you can see a lot of monochromatic (meaning 1 colour) looks. I love that someone is wearing all "beige" but there's a mix of different tones: beige, cream, tan, etc. I feel like using different tones or versions of 1 colour helps to complete a monochromatic outfit. You can also see that I'm loving baggy sweaters for spring! While the weather is warming up, in Canada it's still cooler and a sweater is definitely still on high rotation for me.

I'm also really into a muted rusty red colour! I especially love the crop top in the middle photo that is not only casual but structural. Cotton, linen and canvas fabrics are high on my radar for spring because they feel a bit lighter and breezier just like these after-winter months.

Finally, these looks are more on the transitional side. Moving from winter to spring. I'm really into blazers (although I haven't Been sporting them lately) and would love to pair one with a band tee and a skirt. I also love that these looks combine some darker tones with lighter ones. I find that I wear a lot of black in the winter and in the spring I try to warm things up by wearing more creams, whites and pinks. Injecting a bit of black in the form of a blazer, a purse or cool sunglasses is a great way to wear your "winter" clothes in the springtime.

What have you been loving style-wise for spring?!

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