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So Pretty Cara Cotter Jewellery Review

Recently, I've fallen out of love with Mejuri. I remember shopping at Mejuri right before they started getting big and loving all their styles and the price point was great too. Prices for materials (especially gold) have increased since then, but mostly I just found that their pieces didn't fit my aesthetic anymore. They were a little too flashy and I just found that they didn't suit me anymore. I think they're likely changing their target audience or demographic and it just ain't me anymore!

So that being said, I wanted to see what other jewellery brands would suit my simple style and lower budget (ie. I'm not at a point where I want to spend $200+ on a jewellery piece, but I still want nicer materials). I also wanted to look for a Canadian brand. I tried Ana Luisa (an American brand) and while their styles were nice, I have one necklace from them and I found that their gold vermeil was very muted and pale compared to my other gold pieces. So in any case - I was looking and I found: So Pretty by Cara Cotter.

Aside - this is not affiliated in any way with So Pretty Cara Cotter - I purchased these 2 items with my own money and the brand has no idea who I am! I just figured I would spread the love! I tried to look if there are any coupon codes online but couldn't find any at the moment - I'd suggest following them on Instagram or signing up for their emails just in case they do a sale in the future.

Based in the Canadian prairies, this brand offers jewellery in sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14k solid gold. They have a lot to choose from and I find they are more geared towards feminine pieces (many items have charms or stones). While not all their pieces speak to my style, I think they have a good variety and their price point is great.

Some details:

  • Free shipping in Canada over $50 purchase

  • Free gift wrap option at checkout - and the gift wrap is so cute!!

I purchased these 2 items back in October 2021, so I've been wearing them for a couple of months. I figured it's been enough time to give a thorough review!



18K heavy gold plating over solid 925 sterling silver


Necklaces with this "snake chain" have been super popular in the last year or so and I think they're perfect for layering since they won't tangle with other necklace chains! They have this style of necklace in a couple of different lengths, but this one is their shortest I believe. So far, I've been loving how it looks with several different outfits and I think it's a really nice length (not too long, but not a choker). No tarnishing or wear either! I love it!



18K heavily plated gold (vermeil) over solid sterling silver. *The natural pink opal stone varies in color from light to soft peachy pink.


This one was a bit of a splurge piece for me - usually I like to keep my jewellery pieces at the $100 mark max. But I loved this bracelet for several reasons. First and foremost, it's easy to get on! It has a sliding clasp, so you just press the button and adjust the slider to make it bigger and tighter. It's so easy to do one handed! No more fumbling with annoying clasps to get on your bracelets. The other thing I loved is the mix of gold with the little gemstones. I really love stone colourations (I always have) but I like to keep my jewellery really understated and neutral. I thought the pale pink colour was perfect and not too flashy. Honestly, I think this piece is so unique, well-thought out and beautiful - I'm really glad I went for it!

So that's So Pretty by Cara Cotter! I love the two pieces I bought from them and I think I'll definitely purchase more from them in the future (when I'm in the market for jewellery). They have simple but unique designs and their items are within my price point. Overall, very pleased!

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