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Sneakers and dresses

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

How do we feel about sneaker and dresses combos? For awhile, I wasn’t a fan - mostly because I thought sneakers contrasted dresses a little bit too much, plus I feel like it can also cut off the leg and would make me look shorter than I already am.

That being said, it’s super convenient to wear comfy sneakers and a breezy dress in the hot summer months. I can walk all day, blister-free while also not getting hot-and-bothered in pants.

This outfit came out of the practicality of comfy shoes and a breezy dress. And I think I like it! I’m still not jumping on board the dad shoes trend but baby steps, right?

I think another reason these pieces work together is because the dress is flattering and also lengthening: the longer length paired with the button-detail down the front and v-neck makes the eye move vertically and creates the illusion of being taller (and I’m not mad about it).

Also, if you’re like me and everything is looks super low cut on you, I figured out that in the summer it’s great to have a few cropped cotton spaghetti strap tanks to wear under potentially revealing tops or dresses. Today I wore a grey one under this dress so I didn’t have to worry about bending or moving around.

What do you think about contrasting sneakers with an otherwise “feminine” silhouette?



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