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Satin Slip Skirt: styling trends in a minimal closet

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

New hair, new me! I feel like these bangs are bringing out a more "edgy" "cool" side of my style. (I think by saying that, I've just made it un-cool... but whatever). This outfit is pretty trendy (compared to what I normally go for). But that being said, these pieces are timeless when separated. Let’s go from top to bottom.

This graphic tee is a super cool vintagey looking Star Wars print which I cropped since it was super long on me. It’ll look casual with jeans and a Moto jacket but can also add a little bit of “edge” if I’m wearing a feminine silhouette, like a skirt. I really like that it’s a darker coloured shirt - I find that I prefer graphic tees that are black or dark grey because they work better with the colour palette in my current wardrobe.

The skirt is a gorgeous a-line satin midi in a rich navy colour. It sits high waisted and I was really looking for a skirt that wouldn’t possibly be mixed up with a slip (or undergarments) - so I wanted to avoid an elastic waistband and thinner materials.

Although satin skirts are on trend right now, I can imagine it working in a variety of outfits: casual or dressed up. I’m thinking I could pair it with:

1. White tee + moto jacket + black booties

2. Tight-fitting crop top + heels

3. Button-down tied at the waist + woven bag + flats

And finally, these shoes are faux-leather tennis shoes that are scuffed to perfection (I prefer the look of lived-in white shoes). They’re my favourite summer shoe so far since they’re oh-so-comfortable and they can casual down a pair of trousers or a skirt while still looking cool!

If you want, I can do a post that styles this graphic tee or this skirt in several ways, to show how these two somewhat “trendy” pieces can be remixed over and over! Let me know in the comments!



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