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Round Up: What I Wore This Fall

This fall I’ve been keeping track of what I wear (possibly missing a few days here and there), but I collected the info in tables and made nifty little pie charts out of them (I’m geeking out, my friends). But I was curious to see a visual representation of what I wear. Plus I thought this would make decluttering a breeze (because how do you argue with the facts?! Am I right?!) and it would help me to see what works best for me and what I get the most wear out of at this point in my life.

I know other bloggers have done Wear Counts as well (Style Bee is one of them! Wardrobe Science is another cool one!). I split up everything in categories like tops, sweaters, jewellery, accessories, shoes, etc… And honestly, the results are pretty interesting!


Most Worn: My black muscle tank and my cream T-shirt are some of my most worn tops which kind of surprised me because I don’t feel like I don't wear them a lot, but they are basic layering pieces. They aren't the star of the show usually, but I guess I wear them often!

Mid-Worn: black T, brown T, grey scoop neck T…. so unsurprisingly I wear lots of dark colours even though I was trying to branch out into colour this season. Go figure!

Thoughts: A lot of items were only worn once or twice and I think this is partially due to the fact that I’m a sweaty person and I wash my tops pretty much after every wear. Sometimes they lie in the laundry hamper for a couple of weeks until I have enough in that colour range to do a load of laundry!


Most Worn: My cardigans are my most worn pieces because I throw them on everyday at home to add extra warmth and it’s super easy to layer with them for fall!

Mid-Worn: Cream Chunky Sweater

Thoughts: A great lack of colour again. I thought my two yellow sweaters would get a lot more wear since they are “autumnal” colours but… I guess I don’t like colour. I’m all about the neutrals.


Most Worn: My brown cross body purse. This piece was a gift at the beginning of fall and it is the perfect size and perfectly minimal design so it pretty much goes with anything. I love wearing all-black outfits and adding this as my “pop of colour” (or pop of neutral, I guess).

Mid-Worn: My woven purse, which is surprisingly versatile and has transitioned well into fall (I love the play of textures!). My light pink tote has also been a handy option since it’s big enough to carry a laptop or full sized notebooks. And my vintage coach crossbody purse falls under this category (I’ve just been digging my brown purse way more).

Least Worn: My baseball caps and belts. Honestly, I’m not a hat person, and although I love a good belt, I find that I use them more in the warmer months to cinch in a dress.


Most Worn: My nude slides were awesome in early autumn since they are super easy to slip on and go with everything because of the minimal shape and colour. Once it started to cool down, my black booties were a go-to with every outfit!

Never Worn: I never wore my brown heeled booties, and decided to give them one last hurrah to figure out why. The why is because they are ultra uncomfortable. So I sold them at a local consignment shop and that’s that. If I don’t wear it and when I do, I regret it - it’s got to go.


Most Worn: My skinny jeans and black leggings. This makes sense because they are super stretchy and comfy and I tend to wear looser tops (hence the tighter fitting bottoms)

Least Worn: Overalls - which I’m kind of surprised about because I was looking forward to pairing them with chunky sweaters. But it’s also kind of understandable because they are inconvenient during washroom breaks.


Most Worn: A summer wrap dress that I wore before it got too cold out and I wore a few black dresses a couple of times.

Thoughts: The rest of my dresses only got worn once which kind of makes sense because it's been a cold autumn here in Canada! I love my sweater dresses in the winter if I’m having an at-home day that requires extra comfort and cozyness (and no pants - yay!) - so they'll probably get more use soon.


Most Worn: My moto jacket. This is no surprise because I throw this onto every outfit. If the temperature allowed it - I would only wear this jacket. Unfortunately, now it’s too cold for it, but man - I love a good moto-style jacket.

Mid-Worn: The quilted Bomber is something I’m on the fence about. I wore it a few times but I feel like it isn’t actually my style so… it may be on the chopping block soon enough.

Least Worn: My denim jacket! I love this bad-boy but it got too cold, too quick for me to pull it out. It’ll be back in daily outfit rotations in the Spring, no doubt.


Most Worn: My two Mejuri necklaces (which I wear layered or by themselves) were in constant rotation because I think they go with pretty much any outfit! They were a graduation gift and I love them!

Thoughts: A lot of my jewellery only got a couple of wears but I think it’s because I'm not huge into jewellery, yet I have quite a few options (especially in the earrings department). This might be a place I minimize in the future!


My goal for fall was to wear more colour and accessorize more. I think I achieved the latter - considering how many different pieces I tried to incorporate into my outfits. But unfortunately, I didn’t wear too much colour this season. The section with the fewest wears is dresses because it got cold really quickly this fall! I’m on the fence about some items (which may be leaving my wardrobe soon) but I also have quite a few pieces that are constantly on repeat! Like my Moto jacket, nude slides, black booties and Mejuri necklaces. Overall, I think tracking my fall wardrobe has been fun and informative. I plan to do this again for my winter capsule!



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