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Round Up: What I Wore in May

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I can’t believe it’s already June! Sorry for being a couple of days late with the May wear count upload but honestly, I feel like I blinked and the month is over! The first few days of june, I continued to add what I wore into the May wear count so that I wouldn’t forget! I feel like this month I wore a lot of pieces (but only once or twice) because the weather was fluctuating so much. I really don’t like dressing for this weather! It’s freezing in the morning but by afternoon it’s t-shirt and shorts weather!!


Most Worn: My most worn pieces were only worn 3 times! That’s crazy little! Both pieces are basics (to be expected): my black t-shirt and cream long sleeve shirt. Both comfy, both versatile!

Some items got worn twice: button downs and other basics including a graphic T-shirt and my peplum black T-shirt.

Least worn: In my tops category, I feel like oftentimes it’s filled with one-time-wear items. Partially because I’m sweaty and wash after every wear but also I enjoy changing things up in the shirt department. A lot of my more cropped and boxy cut shirts end up being worn once (Bien Fait t-shirt, yellow crop top, equipment floral blouse). I wonder if this’ll become a trend…


Most Worn: I actually needed to pull out quite a few sweaters in May! Shoutout to my green wool sweater (which I thrifted a while ago) that sadly got shrunk in the wash. I swear - this year has ben particularly bad with the amount of sweaters I’ve shrunk over Winter. I think I’m going to ban myself from buying any sweaters that aren’t A) sweatshirt material B) cotton and washable.

Least Worn: My two cream coloured cardigan. This is actually misleading because I wear my cream cardigan almost daily but as an at-home comfy layer that I change into later in the day. So I actually do wear it a lot, just not for outfit purposes.


Most worn: I’ve been loving wearing this woven purse (kind of looks like an Anthropologie style bag!) this month. It gives the hint of summer, is a convenient size (especially when I’m packing a lunch for work) and it adds a little bit of visual interest even though it’s neutral-coloured.

Least Worn: I only wore my black tote once. This piece, although large isn’t the most practical for toting around food (or a lunch) and just isn’t the best shape for carrying (smaller shoulder strap). But it is beautiful and I love it!


Most Worn: My white sneakers are the perfect mix of casual, comfy and still fairly cool (since they’re a faux-leather material). I’ve also been wearing my black flats a lot (they’re so basic) but it keeps on reminding me that they aren’t comfy for more than 4 hours of wear.

Least worn: I thrifted a pair of beautiful woven brown loafers that I’m obsessed with. Except, they’re not comfy. Now they do need to get broken in since they are leather but I think I might also add a gel insert on the inside to increase the comfort of the sole.


Most Worn: My favourite Everlane light blue denim have got the most wear this month and a close second was my medium wash skinny jeans. Both these jeans can be style to look more summery (while still being warm with the cool spring breezes).

Least Worn: I only wore my Clydes and my black maxi skirt once each. Both pieces lean more towards the summery side, so I hope I’ll get much more wear in the warmer weather.


Most Worn: My moto jacket is now the perfect mid-weight jacket to wear on breezy spring days! It’s been what I’ve been opting for 55% of the time.

Least worn: My plaid blazer, chore coat and Rust coat have only been worn once each. The first two are a little too lightweight for the weather and the last one is a fall or winter coat which is a bit too warm! I’m confident I’ll wear them all much more too!


Most Worn: I’ve been playing with my earrings more this month and have been loving my Mejuri boyfriend hoops.

Least Worn: I haven’t been wearing necklaces or bracelets very much this month since I’ve been dressing more casually and have been in a rush most mornings!


I wore two dresses and one jumpsuit this month and can’t wear them even more!


At the end of the month, I wore a total of 49 items (not including jewellery or accessories). That’s 9 items more than last month!!! I think that’s a little wild and probably excessive too! I hope that I can still maintain a simple wardrobe and minimal outfits even though it’s exciting to start wearing warmer weather pieces. I think my goal for June is to re-wear the same items more and re-style outfits in different ways to get a bit more creative with my closet.



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