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Round Up: What I Wore in March

March - the month of wild weather and spontaneous decisions. It went from feeling like winter to warm spring days - and has ended with a blanket of snow. I also applied to school and interviewed for some jobs and had to make some life choices. Stressful? A little bit, but it’s all good. I’m looking forward to what April brings (hopefully some more sunny days) and I’m excited and optimistic!


Most Worn: My black long sleeve t-shirt is a great staple. It’s a crew neck, thin jersey-cotton and I love that it tucks in nicely, fits close to the body but isn’t skin tight and I don’t have to worry about cleavage or what bra to wear with it. It’s an amazing basic that I wear once a week. The tops I wear the most are very no-nonsense, no-fuss, basics.

Least worn: T-shirts are almost in rotation, but not quite yet. I was pushing it with these ones. But I know that my KOTN white T will be very well-loved when the warmer weather arrives.


Most Worn: My light grey turtleneck. This one is a favourite of mine. It’s cozy, warm, loose. It looks good tucked in or not. It’s so easy! I really gravitate towards easy basics!

Least Worn: A lot of items got worn once in this category. The blazer just got one wear for an interview. And the other sweaters I rotated through but it was getting warmer so I was grabbing long sleeve Ts instead!


Most worn: I swapped out my backpack for my vintage Coach purse halfway through the month just to change things up a bit. Both bags are great. The backpack has lots of room to hold snacks and a water bottle and can convert into a cross body and then my black Coach is well-worn in and looks great with everything.

Least Worn: I wore my pink tote once - it’s because I only wear it when I need to bring my laptop somewhere (because it’s my only bag that fits it nicely). I’m not in love with this bag and have been eyeing the Everlane Form Bag in Cognac. Any opinions on this bag?


Most Worn: The good old black boots have been getting their wear! Other than those, I’ve been incorporating my leopard print slip-ons which are a fun pop of print in my wardrobe!


Most Worn: I loved my Everlane jeans this month. They are so comfy and are a great fit on me (you can read my in-depth review here. Every single time I wear them, someone asks me where I got them! I also included them in my 10x10 (along with my ES Clydes) which is another reason why they got worn so much lately. I’ve also been really into high-waisted skinnies again - I can’t wait to style them with sneakers for spring!

Least Worn: My navy trousers only got worn once and this is pretty much due to the fact that they are a lint-magnet. Which I hate. No matter what I’m doing, or where I am - they are always covered in lint. Which is very annoying and they might leave my closet soon because I’m not about to live my life with a lint roller in one hand. The other least-worn is a skirt, because well- it really isn’t warm enough yet!


Most Worn: Pretty much only wore my grey wrap coat all month long. I did layer it over my Moto jacket for some added warmth and as a nod to spring. I’m glad my thick winter parka only got one wear because that means - warm weather is coming!


Most Worn: I’ve actually been wearing rings this month! Finally getting into wearing more jewellery. I don’t know why, but in my head jewellery is such a “cool girl” thing to wear and I’m excited that I’m incorporating it into my looks. I’ve also been wearing my Mejuri necklaces and switching out my earrings lots!

Least Worn: Bracelets aren’t really getting their wear at the moment but honestly, it’s just not super practical for me to be wearing something dangly on my wrist.


So, by the end of March I wore a grand total of 32 items (not including jewellery or accessories), which is 3 less than last month and 10 less than January. I think I mainly attribute this to the spring 10x10 challenge which A) put me in a mindset of less is more and B) also made me choose limited amount of items for 10 days. I'm predicting that as the weather gets warmer I’m going to get more excited and start wearing more and more pieces in my wardrobe - so I think that number will increase in the months to come!! (But for now, it just goes to show that 30-40 pieces is plenty - even in the Canadian cold)



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