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Round Up: What I Wore in June

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Happy Canada day my fellow Canadians!!!! Canada finally got the memo that it’s summertime, so things are finally warming up! I’ve been so happy that I'm able to wear more breezy dresses and lighter layers and have been having fun styling more colour in my wardrobe. Here's what I wore in June:


Most Worn: Classic crew neck t-shirts in neutral colours seem to be what gets worn the most for me. I’m so glad I invested in the KOTN white tee - it’s thick (not see-through!), super soft and the cut works well with so many bottoms.

Least worn: Tops seem to be consistently the type of item that I wear once a month. Which is kind of ridiculous- I definitely do not need the amount of tops that I currently own. I think this area of my wardrobe is one that I want to thin down in the months to come (especially since during the winter since I limit myself to around 5 sweaters and I get by just fine).


Finally! I’m so glad this section is out of the mix - summer’s here!


I pretty much just alternated between my brown leather cross body purse and my woven textured tote bag. They’re both summery and classic styles that pair well with everything. I love that the tote gives a little extra texture to any of my outfits that are on the neutral side.


Most Worn: By far, my most worn shoes have been my black flats. And this makes me laugh because I really am not a fan of them. But in terms of style, they can go with so many things so I end up wearing them a lot. I hope that I’ll be able to find a pair of black shoes that I love but until then, I’ll probably just end up wearing these.

Least worn: My rainboots were only worn on super rainy days, my brown booties got a little too warm with the summery weather and those brown loafers? - well, they just aren’t the most comfy yet (still need to break them in). Unfortunately I work on my feet and I don’t want to put my feet through the pain of an 8 hour shift wearing those shoes.


Most Worn: Surprisingly a new-to-me item became the most worn bottom this month! They are wide-leg denim culottes. I love them! They’re stretchy and comfortable and I find that they are super flattering and are a little more special and different than a standard jean. So I’ve been having fun styling them.

Least Worn: A few items got worn once. My black Levi cut-off shorts (which are actually very large in the waist so I have to cinch them like crazy with a belt), my yellow and white culottes (been choosing the denim ones instead) and finally my distressed jeans. I had a moment with distressing probably around a year ago and then got over it, but now I’m into the rips again. These ones will probably get worn a lot more when it starts to cool down in the fall again.


Most Worn: My moto jacket is still the main character in my collection of outerwear. I like that it’s casual but edgy and can work with pretty much any style of clothing underneath.

Least worn: I wore my black linen blazer once and still haven’t gotten around to getting it dry-cleaned. Does anyone else avoid the dry-cleaners?


Most Worn: Starting swapping out my earrings more this month which has been a nice little change! That’s pretty much the main jewellery item that I’ve been consistently wearing.


Most Worn: I wore my black jumpsuit twice. It’s lightweight and breathable and I think it’s a fun alternative to overalls.

Least Worn: The rest of my dresses I just wore once. This is mainly due to the fact that some are hand-wash only (I hand wash all my items that need it a couple times a month) and then also because I feel like if I re-wear a one-piece a day after another it might be too obvious? I don’t know, it’s probably silly and no one would notice, but, you know…


At the end of the month, I wore a total of 40 items (not including jewellery or accessories). That’s 9 less items than last month and the same amount of items that I wore in April. I think so far, since I’ve started keeping track of my wear-counts, I’ve been pretty consistently around the 40-ish mark (sometimes over, sometimes under). So maybe 40 is the sweet spot?



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