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Round Up: What I Wore in July

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

July is done and my birthday has come and gone. Summer if halfway over! I’ve been loving the warmer weather - unfortunately the humidity has been crazy lately but I can’t complain because It’s been sunny, the days have been long and I’ve been loving the laid-back vibes that summer always brings. This month I’ve been working lots, cat-sitting (a cute little black kitten!) and errands-running. I also had a little birthday dinner so I did get to dress up this month! Let’s see what I wore:


Most Worn: My basics were once again my most-worn tops this month: black tee, black silk tank and I’ve been loving wearing graphic t-shirts that are a tad oversized.

Least worn: Still a lot of one and two-wears in this category. The things I wore once are still neutral and “basic” but I think it’s the cut and style that require more specific outfit requirements. For example, A bodysuit doesn’t work with every type of bottom (for me) or if I’m wearing my super cropped linen button-up, I need to be wearing my highest-rise denim!


Most worn: I’ve been wearing my latest purse purchase which is a Rebecca Minkoff black cross body purse that I got at a consignment store! I really like how small the bag is, the length of the strap and the shape of the bag (it’s a structured rectangle). I think it’s been a nice, more polished purse since most of my other handbags are slouchier and tend to be more “beat-up” looking. Another little shout out goes to my hair scarf! I’ve been loving tying a little silky scarf in my hair to make an outfit a little quirkier and a little more colourful for summer!

Least Worn: My purple backpack that doubles as a cross body hasn’t been my most-worn. I think this is mainly due to the colour it is. It just isn’t really that convenient and I also don’t need a backpack most of the time when I’m just going to and from work or running errands.


Most Worn: I've been wearing my black flats a lot and in second place are my nude mules. Both of these shoes are probably going to be retired after this summer. The nude mules are ridiculously scratched up and stained (because they’re such a light colour) and the flats are showing signs of a hole forming at my toe (suede is just too delicate for my clumsiness).

Least worn: These brown loafers are just uncomfortable. And I’m probably just going to sell them because it’s not worth the pain. And the other shoes I only wore once were booties and it’s because it’s a little too hot for booties. While I love the look of them with a summer dress it’s just not a good choice weather-wise.


Most Worn: I’ve actually been wearing a lot of denim this month and my most-worn bottom are my mid-wash skinny jeans. They're ultra-stretchy and not too thick of a cotton so I can still get away with wearing them in the hotter months. I've also really loved wearing a linen wrap skirt that I got in the Aritzia summer sale! No pictures of it on the blog yet, but hopefully I can snap shots of it very soon!

Least Worn: There’s been quite a few one-wears in this category! Mostly because it involves colourful of very stand-out pieces: yellow shorts, green shorts, white culottes and a navy silk skirt. Since they are a little more statement, I find that I wear them one week and then give them a little break before re-wearing them.


I wore one blazer and it was a great summer option for the air-conditioning that is blasting in every building. It’s one that I thrifted and it’s a loose-y goose-y pale grey blazer that is a little more longline than normal. I love that it’s a perfect mix of casual, comfortable and pulled-together!


Most Worn: I’ve jumped back on my love for Mejuri jewellery and have been wearing my rings, necklaces and earrings that I got from them!

Dresses & Jumpsuit

Most Worn: I have been loving my cream linen wrap dress (I wore it weekly this month!). While I love wearing dresses, I don’t always choose to wear them while I’m at work, so this is a stand-out piece.

My red-ish linen “brax” jumpsuit is something that I adore. It just makes me feel good when I wear it. It’s got a great wrap-style top and you can tie it to have a little cut out on the stomach or to make it totally covered. So in love!


At the end of the month, I wore a total of 31 items (not including jewellery or accessories). That’s 9 less items than last month. That’s wild to me! I didn’t realize that I had been choosing such small selection of my wardrobe - I wasn’t purposely limiting myself. 31 items felt like so much- it’s more than enough!

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