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Round Up: What I Wore in January

I feel like January was a bit of a whirlwind for me. It got very cold, very quick, we had a major snowstorm and the holidays were rounding up. This month, I wore a total of 42 number of pieces from my wardrobe. Let’s look at the breakdown below:


Most Worn: In terms of tops, I alternate between quite a few. I’m a sweaty person, especially when it comes to layering lots in the winter, so I tend to wear a cotton top under everything so I can wash that and keep my knits looking pristine. I wore a total of 11 tops this month 1-2 times. It’s an area of my wardrobe that I rotate through a lot, so I have lots of options.


Most Worn: My most-worn sweaters are all chunkier knits since it’s been super cold this January. I wore my thick wool cocoon cardigan, my green chunky knit and my light grey oversized turtleneck the most.

Least Worn: My thinner-knit options like my peach cardigan and my black cardigan have been worn the least because it’s been so cold! I needed much thicker layers in this weather.


Most worn: The first half of the month, I wore my brown cross-body purse a lot (especially since I started off January with the #msbeltempochallenge). Shortly after, I spilt tea and this purse got soaked, so it was on a drying rack for a few days and since then, I switched over to my black vintage coach purse. Both these items are staples for me, and are essentially the same purse but it different colours. If it works, it works!

Least Worn: Aside from my two favourites, the rest of my bags only got around 1 wear each. Mostly because I haven’t felt the need to have a bigger handbag. While I was at school, larger bags were helpful to carry my lunch in and stuff, but now that I’m just going on short excursions or to work and back, I don’t need as much purse space.


Most Worn: My black boots are on repeat as usual, and have been since the start of fall. I did get my bloodstones recently too, and have been wearing those on the coldest days.

Least Worn: I can’t believe I even had a chance to wear sneakers in January because this month has been so cold! I guess the weather flipped at the start of the month. I’m sure my sneakers and slip-ons will get more wear once the warmer weather rolls around.


Most Worn: Denim has been on heavy rotation this month as well as my joggers and cargo pants.

Least Worn: It’s been way too cold to wear skirts and tights so those items got very little wear. Plus thinner material bottoms like my leggings and Levis jeans just weren’t cutting it for the temperatures.


I only wore a dress once this month! It was my tight black sweater dress because it’s super comfy. I love this piece and the wear and tear is showing so it might be retiring soon and become a more cozy-at-home piece. That being said, this was probably my favourite outfit of the month. I felt like the all-black was chic, it was comfortable and I felt feminine and pretty.


Most Worn: I got lot’s of use from my winter parka since the temperatures finally called for it! My grey wrap coat has also been on repeat!

Least Worn: The thinner jackets for temperature reasons have been left to sit in the closet but I can’t wait to pull out my Moto jacket come springtime! I also chose to declutter my black pea coat because theft just wasn't right. I kept noticing that the pockets were pulling when I zipped it shut because the coat wasn't wide enough for my hips. Since it had been frustrating me for awhile, I decided to donate it and let it go to a better home.


Most Worn: I've been loving wearing necklaces this month and I think a dainty gold necklace adds a little sparkle to a simple jeans and a sweater outfit. I’ve also been changing my earrings up quite a bit so I’m happy with the amount of use I’ve been getting from my jewellery.

Least Worn: My rings, I never wear my rings a lot because I’m afraid of them getting ruined or being in the way (ie. catching on my sweaters). So I shy away from them even though I think they’re gorgeous!


By the end of the month I wore 42 number of items total (not including jewellery or accessories). Seeing that number puts things into perspective for me. I honestly thought I was wearing so many pieces because I was bundling up but it’s just the same pieces layered on top of one another. It just goes to show that you don’t need much of a larger wardrobe simply because of the colder weather.



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