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Round Up: What I Wore in December

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

It’s the end of month 1 for my winter capsule! I thought it might be interesting to do a monthly wear-count and round up instead of a seasonal one in order to really understand my capsule moving forward within the same season. That way, I can maybe make conscious decisions to switch things in and out depending on what’s getting use and what’s practical for the weather. So far, it hasn’t been too snowy or cold yet so I really haven’t needed my winter boots or warm-weather accessories.


Most Worn: My black long sleeve Ts (I own 2 and alternate them). They go with everything and are a no-brainer when I don’t want to think about what to wear.

Least Worn: A lot of worn-once items. It’s rare that I wear t-shirts in the winter because I prefer sweaters so a lot of my Ts only got one wear in December.


Most Worn: Mainly my two mid-knit sweaters (so not super thin, but not the ultra chunky knits) - in a cream colour and a green one.

Least Worn: A few of my sweaters have only been worn once but the one that stands out is my caramel or camel wool v-neck which recently shrunk in the wash. RIP. I’m sad but it also made me laugh so hard when it came out of the wash and was the perfect size for the cat I’m currently cat-sitting. I tried stretching it out but I think it shrunk to the point of no return - this one will be leaving my capsule.


I haven’t been tracking which winter hats, scarves and mitts I use because I’m rotating through them pretty consistently. This month though, I’ve really been enjoying wearing my blush pink scarf because its softer than wool and I think it brightens up my generally darker colour palette.

Most worn: Winning most-worn piece by a landslide is my vintage Coach cross body purse which I wore 21 times. In fall, I was wearing my brown cross body with lighter coloured outfits but in the winter, I’ve gravitated towards darker accessories. I like wearing it with all black outfits but also with lighter jeans and black boots.

Least Worn: My black belt - which I expected because I tend to wear my belt to cinch in dresses in the warmer months. I still love this belt and even though it didn’t get much wear - I know it’s a great item to keep in my wardrobe.


Most Worn: My black booties, just like in the fall, have been a winter staple so far for me. They go with everything and they’re comfy so I end up choosing them over everything else almost everyday.

Least Worn: My winter boots! Shocking - I know. We’ve had barely any snow in Ontario where I live, so I’ve not needed to wear heavy boots.


I’ve been really changing up my bottoms throughout the month of December! In the fall, I was obsessed with my Levis skinnies but I’ve been wearing more varied pants lately.

Most Worn: My light wash mom jeans are a favourite that I've been using to brighten up my winter wardrobe. Leggings have been worn lot’s as a comfy option at home and I've also been switching things up by wearing cargo pants (which was mainly added in because it satisfies my dress code at work).

Least Worn: My wool skirt didn’t get lots of wear simply because of the colder weather. I tend not to wear it to work because I’m moving around a lot and don’t want to worry about it, so I only got one wear out of it this December.


I haven’t been wearing my two dresses much but it’s been nice to have them in my capsule. I tend to throw on my tighter sweater dress as a pseudo-pyjama when I get home. So I don’t wear it out but it actually gets a lot of use because it’s so comfy!


Most Worn: My two thin wool coats have been the most-worn because I haven’t needed my warm winter parka since the weather has been so mild. I’ve been alternating between my black pea coat and my grey wrap coat.

Least Worn: My two lighter jackets (which are more appropriate for fall) have only been worn once each since they aren’t really suitable for the weather.


Most Worn: I’ve been wearing hoops pretty regularly to add a little pizazz to a plain black long sleeve or a neutral sweater.

Least Worn: My Melanie Auld earrings are stars with a turquoise gem in the middle and feel a little too summery to be wearing in December so I only wore them a couple of times.


I've been really branching out in the bottoms department by wearing something other than jeans. Mostly wearing sweaters (not t-shirts) and have been alternating between two coats. This December my accessories are mostly dark-coloured: my vintage coach purse and my black booties which have been everyday staples.



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