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Round Up: What I Wore in April

April has been such an intense but productive month! Lot’s of new life updates but also some stability. In terms of clothes, I've been loving wearing denim (no more mandatory trouser-wearing for me!!). It’s been pretty cold and gloomy but warm enough to get my ankles out so I’ve been able to experiment more with my clothing!


Most Worn: My weekly worn items consist of a striped long sleeve tee and a plain black long sleeve tee. They're just super easy to pair with everything and it’s not quite warm enough for short sleeves.

Least worn: All of my other tops get worn once or twice which is okay. It offers a bit of variety and I'm okay with only wearing things once a month to keep the interest and variety going - I don’t want to get tired of my closet!


Most Worn:Surprisingly, I wore an “at-home, comfy” cardigan the most this month! I just wanted extra warmth haha! I also wore my trusty grey turtleneck quite a bit since it’s such a staple.

Least Worn: A couple other more casual sweaters that I pretty much only wear when I’m going on a hike or doing something a little more active and casual.


Most worn: My vintage coach purse, as always.

Least Worn: I’m not a belt person! I think in the summertime its nice to cinch in the waist of a dress or skirt but for some reason, I never wear belts with denim or trousers in the cooler months. Weird, right?!


Most Worn: My black flats and white sneakers have been my most worn footwear this month. Honestly, the black flats were a warehouse sale purchase from Toms and they’re not comfortable really (even though they’re a soft, malleable suede) and they already look pretty tattered (also because they are suede). I feel like by the end of the summer, if I’m wearing them on repeat, they'll probably be worn to the ground.

Least worn: My leopard print slip-ons are a super cute statement shoe but they’re not breathable. In this cooler weather that’s alright, but in summer - my feet will get way too sweaty. So I think I’ll probably retire these shoes over the summer and bring them back out in the fall.


Most Worn: I've been obsessed with my medium wash skinny jeans. They’re super stretchy, I cut them to be ankle-grazers and they make everything look like I put effort into it… I don’t know how to really describe but they are a great jean. I also wore my Elizabeth Suzann Clydes and my Everlane denim quite a bit too. I’ve been loving my denim and the casual vibes of the Clydes.

Least Worn: I recently got the grey versions of my beloved Everlane Cheeky jeans but since I got them so recently - I haven’t had the chance to wear them yet! But hint: they’re equally awesome and the same fit as the pale blue wash.


Most Worn: I wore my grey wrap coat loads as well as my Moto jacket. They are both staples for me and I’m glad that I can layer up lighter-weight long sleeve tees underneath my outerwear for these Spring temperatures!


Most Worn: Mejuri makes the best classic-with-a-twist jewellery. The items are minimal, simple but still fun and unique which makes them winners in my collection. I’m pretty much always wearing a Mejuri piece - usually their boyfriend hoop earrings or their zodiac necklace.

Least Worn: I got little Kate Spade stud earrings as a gift a few years back. They’re simple spade studs which are adorable but the backings are super loose and the metal is scratched so I don’t wear them as often anymore, for fear that they'll just fall out (and they have while trying on clothes).


I wore one dress and one jumpsuit this month and I can’t wait to wear more in the months to come! The jumpsuit is a culotte-style linen number which I think is unique and fun while the other dress is a midi-length tight sweater dress that is yellow and striped (super statement).


At the end of the month, I wore a total of 40 items (not including jewellery or accessories). That’s 8 items more than last month and around the same amount of items I wore in January (42 items). It’s interesting that I wore so many more items but I attribute it to rain gear (rain jacket and rain boots) but also maybe my prediction from last month is coming true and my excitement for warmer weather means that I’m trying to wear more unique spring-y items!



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