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Reformation Denim Review

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Hey hey! I hope you're all doing well lately, especially in these times of change and uncertainty!

Hopefully this little review helps to distract, entertain or inform!

I was thrifting a few weeks ago and stumbled upon this GEM of a find... a pair of Reformation jeans. Yes friends, you read correctly. Reformation. $9.99 at the thrift store. I almost squealed. But first, I checked the size.

Lo and behold, they were in my size and I was definitely taking them home with me and planning to put out a review because these are pricey sustainable jeans if you're shopping retail. So let's get into the details on whether or not I think this denim is worth the hefty retail price tag (Reformation jeans range from $138-208 cad.

Looking at the jeans, they're cute and unique. A lighter vintage blue wash, high waist, a slim-straight leg (more fitted in the bum and thighs - but a little looser around the legs) and cool seaming details that go down the centre of the front and back of each pant leg.

But when I tried them on and wore them a few times, I just felt like the fit and comfort wasn't there. The jeans are traditional cotton with pretty much no stretch (which is fine! I have Levis like that) but that, coupled with the seams on the legs, made it really uncomfortable to bend my knees when I was sitting or bending down). Those seams dig in!

On top of that the waist just wasn't quite high enough for me, so I felt like it didn't hit me at a flattering point. The crotch also was a baggy disaster that just isn't cute. I'm wondering if maybe these jeans were 1 size smaller then they might be tighter in the front and eliminate the bagginess, but I guess I'll never know.

These particular jeans aren't online at thereformation.com, however a super similar pair called the "Charlie" are. The Charlie's online only have the seaming on the front of the legs and have a tailored bottom hemline. My pair has a distressed hem (but I also rolled them up because I'm on the shorter side).

Overall, I don't think this denim is worth over a hundred dollars... although maybe my mind would be changed if I tried other models they had in-store and could pick my favourite. I do appreciate that Reformation is sustainable AND mainstream "cool". It's great that bigger brands are making their mark and changing the fashion industry. To learn more about Reformation's sustainable practices click here. But in short: they're making strides to be zero waste, reduce water &energy consumption and they pick "greener" options when thinking about store fixtures, buildings, etc.

What do you think?! Would you splash out and purchase a pair of Reformation denim? Or do have budget-friendly options that are amazing?! Or are you an avid thrifter? Do tell!

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