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Realistic Canadian Winter Outfit

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I see so many stylish and cute winter outfits online but then I think to myself: I would freeze if I wore that in this Canadian winter weather. Although this year hasn’t been very snowy for us in Ontario, it still gets chilly and windy.

So I grab myself a hot cuppa coffee and bundle up. Most of the time, I’m wearing slim mom jeans, boots, wool socks and and chunky knit sweater. Oh, and don’t forget the warmest parka on earth.

I got this parka in the Aritzia sale last year for 50% off. I mainly chose it because it was made with durable hemp and recycled fibres. It’s water-repellent, made with a faux fur (removable) trim and is machine washable.

They come out with the same style most years (this year, it came out in black and is called the Community Paradigm Parka - which is also on sale now)

Honestly, it’s the best winter coat I’ve ever owned. It’s great in terms of warmth but is honestly my favourite because it actually fits my petite frame (instead of overwhelming it). It’s probably the only winter coat I've ever owned that actually fits my arm length and doesn’t look like I’m borrowing my older sisters clothes.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a petite-friendly eco coat, this might be the one for you. I got mine in a size XXS for reference and I'm 5'2".



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