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Re-evaluating Autumnal Basics

Happy Fall!

Where I live, the leaves have fully changed colours and the weather is getting cold! I love autumn and I'm so happy to get to start layering up my wardrobe. That being said, I've pulled out items from the back of my closet that aren't getting the same amount of wear as last year!

In 2019, I was obsessed with tight-fitted ribbed turtlenecks, but lately I've not been so into them! I think it has to do with a few things:

-I hand wash these items: They're made from a delicate, thin, easy to pill and bag out fabric so I hand wash these items to help them last longer. Last year, sine they were on constant rotation I washed them every single week. Maybe I got tired of the style or maybe I got tired of hand washing them!

-They're starting to go bad: I've started to notice pilling, snagging and loss of shape with my turtlenecks which is sad but also means I've worn them a whole lot. Since they aren't as nice any more I feel like they're slowly transitioning to more comfy weekend clothes but soon they'll be too thin for even that!

-They're not a silhouette I'm reaching for: Over the summer I started opting for looser, flowy or boxy tops and I haven't gotten back into tighter fitted items. I like the look of big sweaters and flowy sleeves over top skinny jeans or leather leggings and have been moving away from tight tops in general.

I picked out this weekend outfit to test out the tight-fitted turtleneck again. I paired them with my favourite jeans, and most-used cross-body bag but I still didn't love the look. I opted for a flowy short trench-like jacket to play with volume and proportion but I just don't think it did enough to make the outfit fun or exciting for me. This outfit didn't fully feel like me or my current style. But that's okay and I'll continue playing around with my wardrobe.

All of that being said, these turtlenecks aren't getting decluttered any time soon. I'm leaving them in my drawer since they're a great winter-time layering piece and I may get back into wearing them as the weather cools down even more. If by the end of the winter season I haven't worn them, then I'll reconsider what to do next. Ultimately, I think my black turtleneck will get lots of wear just maybe some other colours will get passed on.

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