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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I feel like this has to be relatable. I am often the weird girl in public. Now, I attribute this mainly to the fact that I am an avid thrifter, I’m an artist and I tend to purchase or pick up items that are odd to carry around. Then, since I can’t fathom leaving them behind, I proceed to carry them to my destination.

There have been so many occurrences where what i’m carrying becomes a conversation starter or just a reason for people to stare at me with deer eyes or a source of laughter.

Most recently this happened a couple of days ago. The place where I work was throwing away some large wooden boxes and offered them to the employees. Everyone walked away but, in my eyes, these wooden boxes were beacons of potential. I could add legs and make it a coffee table, I could stain it, I could leave it. It could be a plinth for a sculpture. My mind was racing with the possibilities!

Needless to say. I snagged a box! Now it might look pretty silly for a 5’2” girl holding onto a largish box and waiting for her ride home. And I was pretty thirsty after work, so I stepped into my local coffee shop (I’m pretty much a regular there since it is so close to my work) and wham- everyone had a good laugh as I walked in with my beautiful wooden box. I think it’s because it was kind of an awkward item to hold - the box wasn’t heavy but it wasn’t easy to carry - so maybe I looked a little silly.

The baristas were super nice about it but I had to laugh at myself because I’m always putting myself in situations where I’m a weird person in public!

Rewind a few years and this happened countless times while I was at university. My first memory of being absolutely random in public again was when I was transporting a sculpture I made for my art class across campus. This sculpture was a giant tape dispenser. So, it’s not everyday you see someone walking around with a 3ft long tape dispenser and I got laughs all around campus.

Another instance was when I was walking my 4ft x 4ft canvas back home on a windy day. It was a sail with all the wind so I was struggling to “stay afloat” and from one side, all you could see were my little feet marching under a giant canvas. So… kind of silly.

But anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that I am often a weird person who is carrying very random objects that I see value in. It’s really lot’s of fun and it’s always great when you find a “score” item at a thrift store or elsewhere. And if you see me carrying a giant wooden box - just know that I am really excited about that box and its potential to be a super aesthetic coffee table in the near future.



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