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Product Empties: Beauty

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Drunk Elephant Night Serum

$118 CAD

I mentioned this serum in a previous post but this is the type of product where you can’t actually see how its working… until you stop using it. About 2 weeks after finishing this one up, I started noticing that my skin felt a little more congested. I find that this night serum was really gentle on my skin and helped to re-balance and keep my combo skin fairly neutral which was great! While I liked this product I’m not quite ready to splash out the money for a new one so I might just hold off and maybe see if there is a comparable serum at a more budget-friendly price point.

Lano All-Over Moisturizer

$23 CAD

This was a great moisturizer which I loved using. It was a medium-thick cream and wasn’t overly saturating or too thin. I found it really great to use morning and night and I love that it’s fragrance-free and friendly for sensitive skin. I would definitely repurchase!

Brow Pencil

$13 CAD

This is another product I love and have used up previously as well. I really like that the formula is waxy but also solid which means that it goes on the brow super nice and makes realistic marks to fill in the hairs. Definitely worth the money albeit a little hard to find in Canadian stores. Some Shoppers Drug Marts carry it but not all.

Bite Lip Balm

$18 CAD

This was a great lip balm but unfortunately since I used this little mini, it seems like Bite Beauty has changed the formula to make their products all vegan. On Sephora, I’ve seen mixed reviews on the new formula so I guess buyers beware. While I enjoyed this mini, it was a little too melty for me so I wouldn’t repurchase because I guarantee you I would leave it in my purse and it would melt to smithereens.

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