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Planning my Winter Capsule

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Since December is coming up, I need to start planning for my winter capsule (which will run December - February). Between Fall and Winter, a lot of my clothing items will stay the same, but I definitely want to freshen up my looks by switching out some items and since snow is on the horizon, my footwear and outerwear will have to accommodate.

My Colour Palette

My colour palette will stay primarily the same. The only massive difference will be the injection of some pale pink (which I loved paired with olive green!), and the addition of brown in the form of a Frank and Oak T-shirt and some button downs that I thrifted.

I’m looking to add a pair of wool trousers (probably in grey) and maybe a pink sweater to my winter capsule. I’ll look for these wish-list items at the thrift store before venturing out to local boutiques or Canadian-made online retailers.

My Vibes

Because of the cold, coziness will definitely be a vibe I’m into this winter. Warm chunky sweaters, lots of scarves and layers will be right up my alley. Over the years, I’ve learned that scarves are the epitome of cozy for me: especially large rectangular scarves that are mostly one solid colour and are made of a soft felt-like material.

The Weather Conditions

I live in Canada, so there will be inevitable snow this winter. Because of that, a few essential add-ins for my winter capsule will be my winter coat and snow boots. In fall, I generally have more outerwear options but in winter that all gets eliminated.

Really only 3 outerwear pieces make the cut this year: my wool grey wrap coat, wool black pea coat and olive green winter parka.

The Plans

This winter, a don’t have too many activities planned. There will definitely be festive holiday moments and probably a few cold outings at the skating rink or picking out a tree. My wardrobe needs to be ultra-functional in the cold weather and I need some more “fancy” options for a potential holiday party or gathering. One item that I’m excited to get out of storage is my glittery tights: they feel super festive and fun while also taking up very little space throughout the year. I’m always excited to wear them to a special party during the colder months.

The Items

A total of 36 pieces so far but as I've mentioned, I'm looking to add some new pieces. Here’s the breakdown:

12 tops: cream T, black quarter sleeve T, black T, olive tunic, cream linen shirt, brown cotton shirt, pink muscle tank, black muscle tank, burgundy silk shirt, brown T, striped longsleeve, black silk shirt.

9 sweaters: mauve turtleneck, goldenrod chunky turtleneck, comfy quarter-zip, black cardigan, peach cardigan, cream chunky knit, yellow sweater, black turtleneck, cream turtleneck.

8 pants: Burgundy joggers, black leggings, grey thin pants, dark wash Levis, Levis skinnies, mom jeans, dark wash skinnies, black skinnies.

5 shoes: winter boots, hiking boots, heeled brown boots, rain boots, black leather booties.

2 dresses: black body con sweater dress, black shift-style sweater dress.

How are you planning for your winter capsule? Are you making a total 180 from your fall capsule or are most of your pieces staying for another season? Let me know in the comments below!



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