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Planning my Spring-Summer Wardrobe

I’m definitely a little late to the game… we’re well into Spring and now I’m just thinking of what I may need to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe for the warmer weather.

Some gaps I identified:

  • Denim jacket

  • Birks (slip on casual sandal)?

  • 1 pair of shorts

  • 2-3 t-shirts

Let’s delve deeper into each item and kind of explain the rationale behind it.

1 Denim Jacket

I actually had the perfect denim jacket a few years back, but it started to feel way too tight in the arms to be comfortable and so, I decluttered it. It’s so hard to let go of items that we love (and wear)! I was still wearing it even when it didn’t fit because it was the perfect Spring-Summer layering piece. Once I donated it, I was immediately on the hunt for another one, but just couldn’t find the perfect fit. I wanted the denim jacket to be a more fitted style, slightly cropped to be wearable with dresses and really comfy in the arms - not a restrictive thick cotton. That proves hard to find!!!

1 Pair of Birks

I’ve been wanting a slip on sandal for a few years now, but just haven’t wanted to spend a lot of money. Mostly because I haven’t owned a pair of sandals in quite a while, so I’m not sure if it will be worth it for me! I recently added a slip-on mule to my closet - and I think that’s fulfilling the gap for right now. Although, it’s probably not as comfortable as a pair of Birkenstocks.

1 Pair of Shorts

I currently own 1 pair of shorts that I got this past year. They’re really great: a longer inseam (around 4-5 inches), a light denim wash that I love and they aren’t too tight in the legs. The only thing is, in order for the legs and hips to fit comfortably, I sacrificed the fit in the waist a bit (it’s a bit loose). It’s not the end of the world, since I wear them with a belt - but I would love another option that fits “sans” belt and maybe in a darker wash (or with distressing).

2-3 T-shirts

I have 1 oversized grey t-shirt and then 1 graphic tee that I mostly use as a PJ top, but I could also wear out. I didn’t realize that I had no t-shirts!! I’m not sure this category is totally necessary to beef up - especially when I find a denim jacket. Normally, in the warmer weather I gravitate towards tanks and I layer when the AC is blasting. So, if I find a good denim jacket, then I can utilize all my tanks and no need for more t-shirts!

So far, I’ve found…

Denim Jacket

I found a denim jacket for $5 at the thrift store - I’m just seeing if I can get a couple of stains out during my next batch of laundry! Prior to thrifting, I ordered a $30 version from Old Navy - so I’ll see if that’s a keeper once it arrives (but likely will be returning)

Summer Shoe

Like I mentioned earlier, I ordered a pair of mules rather than sandals, since I know I’ve worn that style of shoe a lot in the past.


I just ordered a pair from A&F on sale, so we’ll see if they’re a good fit!

1 T-shirt

I ended up thrifting 1 t-shirt during the same thrift trip as that denim jacket. I think it was around $5 as well. I think I’ll leave the t-shirt category where it is now and see if the denim jacket helps me get use out of other items in my wardrobe.

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