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Planning my Spring Capsule

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Spring! I feel like winter has flown by, although it still feels like winter where I live. But, Spring is on my mind and I’m pretty excited to start wearing something other than boots everyday and to lighten up the layers. This capsule will run March-April-May for me. Usually, these months tend to be quite rainy and still fairly cold where I live, so I’ll definitely be pulling out my rain boots and waterproof jacket to add to my wardrobe. I’d also like to lighten up my colour palette a tiny bit to reflect the warmer weather.

My Colour Palette

My colour palette isn’t drastically different than what I had in the winter, but I’m switching out a few colours. First one I wanted to add in is white. I can’t wait to wear a fresh white T with mom jeans and to start wearing white sneakers again. I’m also going to be wearing light wash denim (in the form of pants, but also my favourite spring jacket!). The final pop of colour will be red - which sounds like a wildcard but I love red with my hair and I have a gorgeous red wrap top that I can’t wait to style. My neutrals are staying the same as they were in winter since they are base colours in my wardrobe.

My Vibes

I’m definitely into the whole casual-cool denim with sneakers look. Usually in spring, I get excited to wear skirts and dresses again so if the weather permits, I’ll be dressing in lot’s of flowy and floaty silhouettes.

The Weather Conditions

In Canada, spring is rainy most of the time and can be still pretty cold (sometimes it’s like we don’t even have a spring!). I’ll definitely have a more casual capsule - in terms of allowing myself to swap in and out items as the weather changes.

The Plans

There will probably be more walking around town days as the weather gets nicer, so I’ll definitely be carrying an umbrella with me. Other than that, there are a couple of birthdays amongst my friends and family so there will probably be a few fancier dinners coming up.

The Items

A total of 38 pieces. Here’s the breakdown:

11 Tops

1. Black long sleeve T

2. Striped long sleeve T

3. White T

4. Black T

5. Green wrap top

6. Striped crop top

7. Peplum t-shirt

8. Silk floral boxy top

9. Graphic T

10. Cream tank top

11. Red wrap top

6 Sweaters

1. Longline brown cardigan

2. Cream cardigan

3. Grey turtleneck

4. Brown turtleneck

5. Peach cardigan

6. Cream crew neck

8 Bottoms

1. Black trousers

2. Navy pin-stripe trousers

3. Green cargo pants

4. Everlane jeans

5. Grey jeans

6. Grey wool skirt

7. mom jeans

8. Black maxi skirt

3 Dresses + Jumpsuits

1. Black babydoll dress

2. Linen overalls

3. Floral midi dress

4 Outerwear

1. Moto jacket (works as my rain jacket)

2. Denim jacket

3. Wool coat

4. Plaid blazer

6 Shoes

1. Black booties

2. Rainboots

3. Green sneakers

4. White sneakers

5. Blundstones

6. Leopard print slip-ons

Are you already planning your spring capsule? Do you think you’ll let it be super casual by pulling items in and out as you please? Let me know your thoughts!



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